Save Electricity in the Kitchen

Save Electricity in the Kitchen

Save Electricity in the Kitchen

Great dinners and save electricity

Now that the holidays are coming, we will be having family gatherings full of joy and at the same time, we will be spending more time in the kitchen. As we receive our loved ones into our home, we welcome them with special dishes and treats. We want them to remember those dinners with happiness. All in all, those dinners will make you use more of your appliances in the kitchen. Even though is not important what we spend on dinners because we enjoy our family gatherings, we can try and save electricity in the kitchen while we cook those fancy dinners.

In many cases, the stove and oven in a house are electric. With that said, the electricity bill will increase in these holidays. Not to mention that we open the fridge more times than usual. Like other appliances in the kitchen, we will use more; the dishwasher, microwave, as mentioned, the fridge, and believe it or not the furnace, kitchen hood.

Ideas to Save Electricity in the Kitchen

  • Remember that, if we open the fridge for 60 seconds, it takes 60 minutes for the fridge to go back to the thermostat temperature. Get what you need and close the fridge door quickly.
  • Rather than heating something in the stove or oven, use the microwave and turn the food halfway through the time you set to heat up the item.
  • When using the dishwasher, do not start a cycle until the dishwasher is fully loaded.
  • Lastly, believe it or not, we will be using more of our heating system or furnace. Many times, we open doors and windows to get rid of the smell of what we just cooked. Ventilation after cooking is recommended, however, opening the doors and windows for a long period of time will increase your electricity bill. Use the extractor fan while cooking, you will see that you will need less than half the time when opening the windows to ventilate your home after a few hours of cooking.
How to see if your energy-saving efforts are working?

Payless Electricity This Holidays

Switch to prepaid electricity with us. As one of the best features, the daily notification of energy usage. See how much energy you use every day. With this, you will understand what appliances are wasting more energy, at what time of the day is the best time to use them. A smart home starts with you, not with new appliances.


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