Go Solar Save 85 Percent Electricity Bill

Go Solar Save 85 Percent Electricity Bill

The number one reason residents in Texas go for a solar system is because they want to save money. Honestly, it will be great if we have more customers were going solar because they want to save the environment.  For the purpose of this blog: Go Solar Save 85 Percent Electricity Bill.

Go Solar Save 85% Electricity Bill

Energy Usage Reduction

How wonderful would be if we could live off the grid 100%? Well, unfortunately, that is complicated.

Why we can’t live off the grid? Go Solar Save 85 Percent Electricity Bill

  • The sun is not out 24/7.
  • We need to store the excess of energy produced.
  • Batteries have limited storage.
  • Is not worth it.
  • Etc.


We have studied the best practices for solar systems and home efficiency practices. What is more, we found a great partner for PV systems and home energy efficiency products.

Considering that in Texas, solar is not as big as in other states like California. Electricity Express join ventures with FreeVolt USA.

Now Electricity Express is offering solar panels and energy efficient products. Residential, commercial and industrial. We can do it all. We became an A to Z energy efficiency company.

FreeVolt offers:

  • PV systems
  • Electric car chargers
  • Water heaters
  • Solar lamps
  • Floor heaters
  • Smart light switchers
  • Much more…

We open a new location in The Colony TX. We are fixing our showroom. If a customer would like to come and understand how all this work is more than welcome. We can explain how the inverter will get the best out of a roof with solar panels.

Going back to the point, Go Solar Save 85 Percent Electricity Bill. We need to be connected to the grid in case we need more power than we produce, especially at night.

The grid will work as our battery. All excess of energy produced during the day will be pushed back to the grid, and when we need it, the grid will give it back to us.

This is the main reason why I do not suggest being disconnected completely from the grid.

I know there are a lot of questions, we are here to help. Follow our Power Blog.

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