Global Warming, real or myth?

Global Warming, real or myth?

By doing research and collecting facts, I’ve decided to share my knowledge with those who wonder about global warming. I plugged in the facts to find the answer to a very important question. Is global warming real or myth?

Global Warming, real or myth?

It’s in our hands to prevent this

Over many years, humankind has survived due to our ability to think and use what the earth provides for us. In addition to using our natural instincts, our strong desires to discover new things have led us to live in a very advanced era. One of the greatest discoveries known to men is the power of Electricity.

Where does Usable Electricity come from?

Today we gather most of our energy from oil, coal, and natural gas also known as fossil fuels (

When generating usable electricity, it is unfortunate to say that we destroy mother nature for our own benefits.

Thus, when we burn these natural resources, gases are released into our air.

To illustrate, these specific gases create a glass-like wall around Earth. Causing our atmosphere to contain the heat from the sun, not being able to release this heat back into space.




What is the greenhouse effect? Global Warming, real or myth?

The Greenhouse effect: A process including nature and gases that help keep Earth warm from the heat we receive from the sun.

Nature itself undergoes this process to maintain our planet warm enough to help plants grow, also helps maintain a sustainable environment for animals and humans. This process started at a natural level; however, chart evidence explains that levels are rising tremendously.

To illustrate, this chart

Carbon dioxide level chart

Carbon dioxide level chart

What impact does electricity production have on the environment?

  • Big businesses have taken matters in their own hands. Polluting the atmosphere with the burning of fossil fuels increases the number of greenhouse gases. This human activity has been speeding the natural process and warming our atmosphere causing Global Warming. For those who like to use a more complex term Climate Change.
  • Concerning this, multiple lines of evidence confirm that human activities are the primary cause of the global warming of the past 50 years” <>

How to help our planet?

Indeed, Mother Earth has nurtured us, giving us the fruits and vegetables needed to maintain our bodies in a healthy. She has given us the opportunity to see the beauty of all creatures. How long will the greed go on? We take and take from our planet, polluting the ocean, polluting the air, our streets, and Ourselves. It’s almost 2020, we live in a time of great technology, so why not use it for a greater purpose. It’s No doubt that Global warming/climate change is real, and the facts are there. We are killing our planet Global warming is not a myth

What can we do to alleviate this situation?

  1. Use Sustainable transportation
  2. Save all the water and energy you can at home
  3. Practice – Reduce – Reuse – RECYCLE
  4. When buying your electricity, you can ask on energy plans based on renewable resources.
  5. Go Solar. Become your own power company. As I said above, use this technology for our own good it has not been easier to obtain than ever before.

Saving the environment begins with us


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