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Rise of the Electric Rates

Why (kWh) rates change; myths and realities.

Does Daylight Saving Time change affect usage?

Are we more at home in the winter?

Which is easier or cheaper; heat or cool my house?

Is the demand for electricity higher in the winter and the electric tariffs go up?

How much will my energy bill will be affected?


The Electricity Express team has taken weeks to decipher this question and it has not been easy for us. We read, we investigate and at the end of everything, the only thing that happened is that we are more confused. Some articles tell us that we consume more electricity in the summer and other experts tell us that we consume more energy in the winter.

The Daylight-Saving Time changes to be able to make better use of solar energy, have more light during the winter since the days are shorter and thus use less artificial light. Even so, the days are truly short, the nights long and very cold.

Electricity Rates will rise this winter, already noticed with most of the electricity companies, we already see increase from 4.2 to 4.9+ cents of energy charge. It is also important to mention that the price of electricity did not change in the beginning of summer.

Electricity prices are regulated by TDU, if they raise the tariff, then we are all affected, believe me that it is not easy to raise prices, we want prices to be stable and lowest possible.

Who is affected by the New Electric Rates

These price changes will only affect new customers. Existing customers with a contract will stay with the rate which the agreement began.


#super_watt says:

In my way of seeing things, it is easier to heat than to cool, to heat we do not use the air conditioning, which is the appliance that consumes more energy in our home. In mid-summer, it’s hot day and night and we cannot stand being sweaty all day.

On the other hand, more and more households (including multi-family homes) are using natural gas for water heaters, stoves and heaters. It is also true that we spend more time at home, we use more artificial light as the sun goes down earlier.

So, when do we use more electricity?

The reality why the Electric Rates go up.

Not being able to find an answer that convinced us then we went for more real numbers. We investigated and studied the trend of electricity consumption of real customers, we focused on which months they used more electricity and the results do not say that, in fact, in summer we use more electricity than in the winter


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Summer vs. Winter: Energy Consumption Infographic