Electricity Savings with Solar Panels

Electricity Savings with Solar Panels

Electricity Savings with Solar Panels

Solar is more than you think

We all want to save, every time we have a bill or something to pay, we want to have the best deal or pay as little as possible for what we are getting. In this case, is about the energy we consume every day. Electricity savings with solar panels.

If you have followed me, you know that we had a solar company. The solar business in Texas is not that easy, allow me to explain. The energy prices in Texas are extremely competitive. Texas energy prices rank as the 6th cheapest energy prices in the US. Now, solar systems can generate all your energy consumption, however, this technology is not cheap and after making the calculations, the cost-efficacy line is very thin.

In other words, the average cost of electricity in Texas is about 10 cents per kilowatt-hour. The cost of going solar is about the same. With this said, there are many potential customers that only think about savings… “How much I’m going to save…” When, as a salesperson, you answer… “Well, with your solar system investment you’ll be paying about the same…” And this is the truth, most customers think that going solar is a hassle. We all want immediate and substantial savings.

There are Electricity Savings with Solar Panels

Yes, there is a huge benefit to going solar. Consider that inflation makes things more expensive every year. As of today, most electricity we consume comes from nonrenewable resources. This means that this electricity will not come cheaper in the future. There are Electricity Savings with Solar Panels because when you turn on your solar system, you will freeze the cost of your electricity. In other words, your payments to the solar system will never change. The same payment every month. Now, we need to consider that your home value will increase about 3-4 %.

The future of new generations is in our hands

Lastly, thinking about our future and how we are treating our planet. Our planet and our future generations need our help, Electricity Savings with Solar Panels and going solar will be a huge help to have a better and healthier planet.

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