Electricity Rates on the Rise

Electricity Rates on the Rise

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Have you seen how gasoline prices have increased in the last few days? Well, the same is happening to electricity for your home. To say nothing, last week I wrote about energy rates increasing about 30%. This week I see electricity rates increasing about 50%. It’s ridiculous how electricity rates are rising. Additionally, remember one important thing, when all energy companies raise their rates, and you sign up for a 6, 12, or 24-month contract, your rate will stay like that for a very long time. Not to mention a high cancelation fee. Electricity Rates on the Rise.

Electricity rates on the rise

Electricity rates on the rise

The only way for you to prevent electricity rates to rise is by going solar.

However, I have 2 suggestions for you, and they depend on if you own or rent your home.

If you rent your home, and you live in a deregulated area, go with a prepaid electricity company. (PLP Link). Despite the higher electricity rates, prepaid electricity has no contract. In a like manner, you can learn how to make better use of your home electricity. In view of prepaid power features, we have:

  • No deposit
  • No contract
  • Daily text notification of usage (this will help you to save energy)
  • Same day energy connection

Above all, my favorite feature is the daily text or email about my energy usage. I rather know how much I use every day and I can figure out how to make my appliances work more efficiently.

Now, at this moment, a great feature is not to have a contract. These electricity rates rise maybe for a few months or maybe never go down again. Meanwhile, you can prevent a high energy rate for 12 months and go with a prepaid electricity company for a few months and see if the electricity rates get back the way they were 6 months ago.

The best solution for Electricity Rates on the Rise

The only way for you to prevent electricity rates to rise is by going solar.

By going solar you can lock in today’s energy rate.

Most of the people I talk to about going solar have the same perspective; “IT’S TOO EXPENSIVE”. No one realizes that they spend (and will be way more with this Electricity rate on the rise) more on electricity than the solar panel investment.

Let me show you some numbers. The solar difference. 

Your energy usage is 1000 kWh per month. (This is an average household)

As of 05/17/2022, the energy rate averages 13 cents per kWh. Not to mention that these energy rates are for those who have an excellent credit history.

So, this means that you are paying 1000 kWh @ 13 cents for 12 months. Then, $1,560 is the year cost with today’s electricity rate.

With that said, do you think you will be paying the same next year? I know the answer is no. It will be more expensive. So what is the expensive thing now?

Now, let’s increase the 30% that is happening to the new energy rates. Your new average bill will be $169 for 12 months your yearly spending on electricity will be $2,028. Difference of $468 per year if it’s only a 30% increment. $195 if the energy rates increase 50%, $2,340 per year.
To conclude this analogy, go solar today and save about $800 per year on electricity.

What would a solar system do for you?

Of course, going solar is an investment. However, there are very important things you need to know. First, we will design a solar system that will cover your energy needs. Then, we will do our best for you not to change today’s energy budget. This means that if (today) you average $130 per month on your electricity, this will be your monthly payment towards the solar panel investment.

Since you are generating 100% of your energy needs, your electricity bill will be just for the interconnection fee from the utility. The interconnection fee is a utility fee for having the electricity going back and forth.

Truly, if you go solar today your overall electricity rate will freeze at around 13 cents per kilowatt-hour. When your solar investment loan is paid off, your electricity monthly bill will be ONLY for the interconnection fee.

Never go to a gas station again.

With this in mind, get an electric vehicle and make the sun charge your car every single day. Just google it, average savings with an electric vehicle. In a few words: According to a study from the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the Idaho National Laboratory, electric car owners can save as much as $14,500 on fuel costs by owning an electric car for 15 years.

So, if you are interested in an electric vehicle and you are ready to go solar, we can design the solar system including what the electric vehicle will need. To be sure, when your new EV is home, you’ll have the power for it.

As you can see, going solar is not only money savings. Additionally, its convenience, security, reliability, and environment. In other words, it’s all we are looking for and more, way more. I really think that we can do much more for our kid’s future. I think we all try to make sure our kids understand how important is to save money. With that said, why we don’t teach our kids to save energy and in the same manner, help the environment.

Go solar and save more than money

To conclude. Save yourself from the electricity rates on the rise. Go prepaid if you rent your home or go solar if you own your home. We can help you to make things right for you, your kids’ future, and your enormous contribution to the environment.

Lastly, I do have an answer for those who are thinking that they may not live in the same house for many years to come. I will leave the answer with a question; don’t you think that your home will have more value when it’s 100% powered by the sun…? Stop renting electricity.

Please send me any questions, comments, or BS if you want. Until next time…

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