Electricity Express is Going Solar

Electricity Express is Going Solar

House with solar panel system

Electricity Express is Going Solar

It just makes sense that Electricity Express is Going Solar. We have been in the marketing home services since 2007. Contradictory, getting your own home electricity is our next goal.

Different sources of energy

Different sources of energy

Why would you go for solar panels for you home?

  1. Pay less electricity.
  2. Be pro-environmental and be off the grid.

These are the 2 main reasons solar panels are getting more popular. Either way, those are two very good reasons and it is why Electricity Express is Going Solar.

At this moment, there are more customers leaning towards the first answer, Pay Less Electricity. However, environmental concern is getting stronger every day.

Every day we see more healthy ways to eat, get fit, dispose of the things we don’t need, etc. I would like to put more effort, as I have seen it everywhere, in Electricity Express is Going Solar towards saving our planet, and at the same time, save a lot of money.

In general, my Power Blog is about saving energy and at the same time lower the cost your home electricity bill. Well, here we go again, Electricity Express is Going Solar.


Misperceptions of going solar. Electricity Express is Going Solar.

  • Once I have your solar panels system in place, I will dump my home electricity company.
  • Solar panels are 100% free.
  • Easy enough installation to do a solar panel system by myself. If you are a well-studied electrician might be.
  • I can go off grid all year long.
  • Any home is good candidate for solar panels.


Tentatively, with a well-designed solar panel system, it will produce most of the energy we’ll need for the whole year. However, there are many factors to consider.

Approximately, a solar panel system could cost from $20K to $40K, who said this is free? Yes, there are a lot of incentives and tax credits. Therefore, you won’t pay full price.

Leave it to the pro. Design, city permits, certified technicians, etc. So many things to list here, definitely not an easy task. Yes, there are DIY projects, however, would you buy a Lexus in pieces and put it together by yourself?

Commonly misunderstood, with a solar panel system I could live all year long off the utility grid.

In some months, there is not enough sun to produce the power our home needs, specially in the winter. In retrospect, summer time we produce more than what we use. Rather than letting that power get lost, customers will get credit for the power that is pushed back to the grid.

All in all, not all homes are good candidates for a solar panel system. The roof layout, trees, chimneys, home orientation, etc. are important elements to consider.

Electricity Express is serious about saving the planet, we would like to express the importance to this. Electricity Express is Going Solar is one of many ways we try to change our planet.

Therefore, here is our Power Blog for more saving energy ideas.

Regarding DIY projects to lower your energy consumption.

Payless Power is a great prepaid electricity company, I recommend it all the time, see rates here.

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