My electricity bill, how much this month?

My electricity bill, how much this month?

My electricity bill, how much this month?

My electricity bill, how much this month?

How do I know how much I will pay for energy bill each month?


At Electricity Express this is an “everyday question” asked by our customers. When you are asking your residential electricity service and if someone is telling you an exact amount, he/she is lying.

A customer calls… “How much will I pay monthly Miss?” Honestly, it is very difficult to respond to that question, it is difficult because I don’t think anyone in this world uses the same energy every day. It’s difficult to get an exact estimate.

Example: You ran out of gas in your car and you load $ 20. Would you know how much that $20 would last? I know your answer is no. It’s the same when we ask how much you will be paying monthly on your electric bill.

After talking with one of our friendly customer; he asked me that question, I honestly answered him; excuse me but I cannot give an exact figure because I do not really know how much energy you spend every day. My client, a little persistent kept asking, “But more or less give me an estimate of how I will pay my electricity bill.” I said, “I am sorry to repeat myself, I cannot say how much you will pay for your electric bill.”

The explanation; in our homes, electricity consumption is different, depends on each family habits, so I cannot say how much you will pay monthly on your electric bill. Everybody behaves differently.

Sometimes we use the washer and dryer all day, cook and do different things that will make a big difference in our electricity consumption. Perhaps there will be days you do not wash or cook and that will and you will notice the difference (prepaid services with daily notifications). What I can say is this, we can never know exactly how much electricity you will pay every month.

To close my sale I added… “One thing I can tell you, follow our suggestions and you will pay less that the others, that is for sure”

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