Cheapest Electricity Bill Results

Cheapest Electricity Bill Results

Hey! Today’s post is here to inform you with tips on how to reach the Cheapest Electricity Bill Results. We, at Electricity Express, want to help our customers learn how to save money on their electricity bill. Whether you obtain prepaid energy or postpaid electricity service. By learning these simple skills, you will see a drastic change in your electricity bill. I will take you step by step to help you develop these skills. By the same token, save you money with the Cheapest Electricity Bill Results.

Cheapest Electricity Bill Results

Simple ways to save energy at home

My best tips on how to get the Cheapest Electricity Bill Results


1: LED Light bulbs for your home

  • Investing in LED light bulbs may be pricey. The outcome of saving over 85% on your electricity usage will lower your electricity bill dramatically.
  • The fact that LED light bulbs do not contain mercury. Thus, reduces energy usage for brightness and helps the environment.
  • Duration of LED bulbs is 10 years! As is explained on about LEDs )

2: Take care of your Water Usage

  • Using Less Water at home saves electricity consumption.
  • Adjust the water heater thermostat at home. Setting your water heater thermostat on WARM will minimize the energy usage (adjust to 115 F – 120 F).
  • When on vacation, turn off the water heater, you do not need hot water.

3: Identify your Vampire energy waste

As a matter of fact, the majority of all plugged-in devices will continue to consume electricity. These devices are identified as “Energy Vampire” waste of Electricity. We are not always aware that they are wasting our electricity, wasting money that we can prevent from spending.

Examples of these Electricity waste devices are:

  • Phone Charges
  • Video game consoles
  • Lamps
  • TVs
  • Computer equipment
  • Unplug any unnecessary device connected that are not in use.

4: Home Appliances

  • Buy appliances that are Energy Star friendly
  • Microwaves
  • Fridge
  • Washer + dryer

5: Laundry ways

Last but not least, save residential electricity when it comes to doing laundry at home,

  • Use full loads.
  • Use cold water. The reason behind this tip is because your washer uses approximately 90% of its Energy consumption heating the water!
  • When washing white clothes, you can use warm water. We don’t necessarily need Hot water.
  • When possible, preferred to air-dry your clothes, these skills spare your electricity bill an extra dry cycle. Advantage of this also: adds to the duration of your favorite clothing pieces.
  • All in all, program yourself to wash after 7 p.m.

Cheapest Electricity Bill Results

To conclude, we are here to help you, not only with excellent customer service and the lowest electricity rate possible. As you can see, we would like you to lower your energy consumption thus you will get the Cheapest Electricity Bill Results.


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Cheapest Electricity Bill Results

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