Assistance to Pay your Electricity Bill

Assistance to Pay your Electricity Bill

Assistance to Pay your Electricity Bill


Need help paying your Electric bill?

The state of Texas has several programs to help low-income families pay for their utilities; all public services such as electricity can be cover. These programs will even help you pay for any connection fee or deposit need to start your electricity service.

Lite up Texas was one of the more popular programs; unfortunately, this program has run out of funds, and the program gave ended as of August 2016. But there are several more programs that can help you pay for your electricity. In this blog, I will mention some programs and how you can apply for them.

Assistance to Pay your Electricity Bill

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is one of the programs that can help you pay for your home electricity; the purpose of this program is to assist low-income families who are struggling to make their monthly electricity payment. LIHEAP help is available in all states and is offered year-round, they will give priority to families with the highest home energy needs, for example, lower-income households with a disabled/sick family member, a young child.

You can apply for this benefit if you are the one responsible to pay the monthly electricity bill of your home or apartment.  To be eligible you must have a low or fixed income, in the State of Texas, this means that for a household of 3 people the annual income cannot exceed $30,240, add $6,240 per additional person. You don’t have to be behind on your monthly payment or be in crisis to apply for this assistance.

LIHEAP has two types of Assistance

  • The Cash Grant- This grant helps you pay your utility bills; LIHEAP will add a credit to your existing electricity account. You don’t have to be behind on your monthly payment or be in crisis to receive this grant.
  • The Crisis Grant- This grant is offered to people who are in an emergency situation and don’t have the resources to make repairs. LIHEAP considers an emergency situation if, your cooling or heating equipment is not working properly, or have leaking lines that must be replaced or fixed immediately. Also, you may qualify if you already received a disconnection letter from your electricity company.

How to apply for LIHEAP

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) has the following requirements; the applicant must be either a United state Citizen or Naturalized, must provide pay stubs for every adult that is currently working, to confirm that your household qualifies as low income. Also, they will need a copy of your current electricity bill, and proof of your energy consumption for the previous year. If you need help to pay your electricity bill and want more information about LIHEAP, you can contact them at (877) 399-8939 Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm or visit Public Utility Commission Of Texas. 


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