3 Easy Steps to Go Solar

3 Easy Steps to Go Solar

Solar panels seem to be complicated. Since it will be one of the biggest investments for your home, we understand that the decision to go solar is worth to give it a long thought. We would like you to start thinking that Electricity Express is here to help you with 3 easy steps to go solar.

3 Easy Steps to Go Solar

Easier than you may think

Call to set an appointment. First of 3 Easy Steps to Go Solar

In general, the customers that are interested in solar panels already did their homework, studied, read and gave a good thought about what is going to happen next. However, it’s good to be advised by an expert. This is when we make the first contact. The appointment is without obligation to purchase anything.

So, the first of the 3 easy steps to go solar is to call us and set an appointment. On the day of the free consultation, we suggest you be ready with the following:

Both to be present. It’s preferable that husband and wife are present in this appointment. 2 minds think better than one, different points of view and better decision when is supported.

Have your electricity bill in hand. The electricity bill has a lot of information that is crucial for us. We can determine the annual energy usage.

Now, the average monthly usage will give us the “numbers”. Meaning that this is where it gets interesting. Until now, no purchase has been made, however, this is the moment of truth, we can study how big the PV system will be, therefore, how much the savings will be, and how big the investment will be and how the customer will be benefited with all this.

Financial strategy, rebates, and qualification will be discussed. We will find the best solution and the highest incentives to lower the cost as much as we can.

Step 2 of the 3 Easy Steps to Go Solar

Planning the PV system for your home.

After the appointment, the sales representative will look at the house roof and will take an aerial snapshot of the roof. This will help us to determine the PV system installation plan. The trees, chimney, hose orientation, etc. will let us know how many solar panels will be necessary for the best energy production.

Installation of the PV system.

After the home evaluation, we will get all the permits required from the city and HOA if are necessary. We will discuss the installation dates, etc.

Usually, PV system installation takes from 5 to 7 hours. Next day your PV system will be up and running.

Call today to schedule your appointment.

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