10 Reasons Why We Should Go Solar

10 Reasons Why We Should Go Solar

There is more than just saving thousands on electricity bills. Here are 10 Reasons Why We Should Go Solar

10 Reasons Why We Should Go Solar

It Just Make Sense

  1. Pay 85% less on your electricity bill.

Having your own PV system is like having your own power company. You will be generating electricity for yourself. For most customers, this is the most important reason to go solar, however, keep reading and you will see other important reasons to go solar.

  1. Tax incentives.

Furthermore, on the money side, as of right now, the federal government offers a 30% of the cost of the PV system as a “tax relief”. You can ask to be prorated or deducted all at once.

  1. Increase your property value.

In addition to money and value, solar panels can more than pay for themselves reducing the electricity bills. In addition, increase your home value around 3 to 5 %, depending on the PV system size. Also, your home will be more attractive to sell.

  1. Freeze electricity cost increments.

Notably, inflation in the U.S. is about 4% annually, this is carried to electricity delivered by the utility companies too, we pay for that price increase. Since solar panels make you be (almost 100%) “off grid”, the amount of energy you will pull from the grid is minimal. With this said, you will be paying almost nothing for the little energy you need to be delivered from the utility.

  1. Energy dependability.

New solar tech is way more dependable than most people think. By the same token, the PV system makes your energy generation consistent and reliable. A PV system has a lifespan of more than 50 years, in an alike manner, most solar panels have 25 to 30-year warranties.

  1. Protect your roof.

In addition to your home value, solar panels protect your roof from tough weather like hail damage, your roof will last longer and fewer repairs when needed. On the other hand, a solar panel can resist a 3 inches size hail impact at 70 mph terminal velocity.

  1. Help the environment.

Misfortune to have this one in number 7. However, the environmental impact is huge. Let alone, 74 million metric tons of carbon emissions are reduced annually. Like taking 15.8 million vehicles off the road. Wow!

  1. Job generation.

Solar panel market is creating jobs exponentially, as of right now more than 300,000 people are working in the solar industry and increasing.

  1. Help our country to be energy independent.

Believe it or not, the U.S. imports oil from foreign countries. In fact, most of the electricity used in the U.S. comes from oil production and natural gas. For one thing, oil will be gone soon. Let’s stop the need for oil.

  1. Be a trendsetter.

Solar technology is here to stay, eventually, it will become mandatory. Be the envy of your neighbourhood, with a new Rolls Royce on your roof permanently.


Show off how you save money, help to create jobs, help the environment and your country.

A PV system is easier than everyone thinks. Let us help you. 10 Reasons Why We Should Go Solar

What is more, send us your questions with no obligation at all. We would like to help you on your quest. Read more in our Power Blog

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10 Reasons Why We Should Go Solar

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