Electricity Express Residential Energy Broker

Residential Energy Broker Electricity Express

Residential Energy Broker Electricity Express

Electricity Express

Who are we? Electricity Express, an residential energy services Broker. What do we do? At Electricity Express we like to help, whether the customer needs to find new electricity services or switch retail electric provider.  As a Residential Energy Broker, we provide different options whether is month to month contract, prepaid, low kilowatt or no or low deposit if a deposit is needed. Whatever the situation may be Electricity Express is here to help.


How Electricity Express Residential Energy Broker will help you

I never knew the importance of the kilowatt usage or what was I being charged on my bill, all that was coming to my mind was how expensive my electricity was coming, all I used to do was to blame the weather.

Once I started working at Electricity Express, my perspective about the charges and usage of electricity made more sense.

I learned about the kwh rate, the other charges, and why I was paying such and such. I learned to reduce the electricity usage, and as I learned to manage my own electricity, I learned to teach our customers about their bill and usage and how to save like I’m saving now.

With a Residential Energy Broker you have more options


Our purpose at Electricity Express

The purpose of Electricity Express is to teach, inform, and help with anything that is related to the residential electricity services. If you are looking for new electricity provider or if you can’t move to a new provider, but you would like to know how to better manage and lower your energy usage.

Since we are a broker, we can find the best prices on the market all year long.

Our prices are already bundled, which means that they include the energy charge, the monthly base fee, the utilities surcharges.

Be the best Residential Energy Broker


Electricity Express keeps you informed

We go above and beyond for our customers, we are up-to-date with the latest energy news so that we can provided our customers the necessary information to help them save energy.

We want everyone to be informed, so we have the task to do weekly blogs and post on our Electricity Express web site.

These power blogs are based on the concerns that we see frequently during the week.

We do our research and write a blog about it to provide the consumer more information regarding the issue.

Also, the social media is a big part of our informative methods. Every week there is a video blog on Facebook where “#SUPER_WATT” explains the written blog that was created on the Electricity Express web page.

NXA; with the support of our friends of NXA Radio Dallas, we put our word out there, what we learned at the office with our investigations and blogs, then #super_watt expose it every Friday live at the radio station.

Another way to be a good Residential Energy Broker


Electricity Express advantages, Prepaid & Postpaid Electricity Services.


  • Same day Connection – No Extra Charge 
  • See how much you save every day (prepaid)
  • ​Competitive Rates
  • ​No Contracts (prepaid)
  • No Reload Fees
  • ​Pay – As – You – Go    EZ-Flexpay (prepaid)
  • ​No Deposit (WAC or prepaid)
  • ​World Class Customer Service
  • ​Extended Hours for Sales
  • True Electricity – Pay What You Use
  • Daily Notifications of Usage (prepaid)
  • Lite-Up Texas Program is Welcome [1]


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Electricity Express is here to help… #electricityexpress

For more saving ideas follow our blog or videos.

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