How climate affects electricity usage

How climate affects electricity usage

How climate affects electricity usage

How climate affects electricity usage.    


Global warming affects temperatures and this will have an impact on your electricity consumption.


Nowadays the world is undergoing great climatic changes due to the environmental pollution, this causes great changes in the temperature, for example, in the area of Texas we are experiencing winters increasingly colder, and summers more hot. That is why we can notice how climate affects our use of electricity in the increase of Kwh consumption, which generates an increase in the amount we have to pay.


For the month of January 2018, the temperatures in Dallas reached quite low levels, reason why the climate affected directly the use of the electricity because there was an increase in the use of our heating system, many of us registered bills with increases in the Kwh consumption what made us pay more.

Many people were impressed to see that their bill increased to more than 50%, so it is important for us to understand the usage we give to our energy and how climate affects our electricity, we must be careful when these changes in temperature occur, if we want to reduce the our bills total amount we could use portable heaters to reduce the usage of our house or apartment heater.

How climate affects electricity usage


With the passage of time if global warming worsens, we will continue to register colder winters and hotter summers for much longer, which is why it is very important to raise awareness about the impact that pollution has on the environment, and what this can affect our pocket.


Global temperatures have increased since about the 19th century. With projections of temperatures that will continue to increase in the future, the energy demand for the cooling or heating of our homes and buildings will suffer increases in the summer and winter.


There really is not much we can do to change this situation because it is external factors that cause this. We can become aware and not contribute to environmental pollution because every day the situation gets worse and we suffer strong climate changes.


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