Solar Residential PV Demand Rising

Solar Residential PV Demand Rising

The efforts to go greener is paying with good results. Record high Solar Residential PV Demand Rising. Carbon dioxide emissions declined 28% since 2005.

Solar Residential PV Demand Rising

Solar Industry Rising

Since 2010 the installation of solar panels has increased, however, a record high for the first quarter of 2018. A 55% increase for new electricity generating capacity. This shows that residential solar is the right way to go.

Additionally, a great win for the environmentalist. We are looking to a new era for a greener and healthier planet. The EIA (Energy Information Administration) has calculated 1,744 million metric tons of the emissions of CO2 from the electric power sector. Thus, this is the lowest since 1987.

More solar installations

13% growth of solar installations over last year.

California’s setting the bar.

May 2018, the California Energy Commission approved the proposal as a mandatory guideline. Beginning in 2020, to build new residential (low-rise) buildings must be constructed with a PV (photovoltaic) system.

California is setting the standards for a better planet and a new way to clean our planet. While other states are taking longer to see that solar is one of the best ways to lower the non-renewable sources to produce electricity. Solar Residential PV Demand Rising

What Texas is doing for a cleaner energy generation

Texas in 10th place Solar generation

Texas Solar Rankings

Well, Texas is doing its part. Now Texas ranks in 10th place in the US as for solar PV installations. I think this is great, however, we can do more than that. As the 2nd largest state Texas should be leaning towards more solar installations.

With all the land Texas has and all the oil Texas produces, I think there is more than one company against solar PV installations.

Going solar goes against oil (and other non-renewable energy sources) production.

Crude oil production in the United States in 2017, by state

Crude oil production in the United States in 2017, by state

I believe that we should use crude oil for better things than just generating electricity for our homes or businesses.  We should seek for cheaper, easier ways to generate electricity. Lower the demand of non-renewable sources of energy. However, this puts energy companies in a huge predicament.

Generating your own energy to power your home, vehicle or business will lower your demand of oil, carbon, nuclear, etc. based sources and that will make that the world’s largest industry collapse.

World's Top Industries 2018

World’s Top Industries 2018

To conclude. Imagine that in 20 years the demand for energy from the utility could be 20% or less of what we demand these days. Meaning that if you pay $200 for your electricity, in 20 years you could be paying only $40.

Does this make any sense to you? For me, it does, only with solar panels.

Solar Residential PV Demand Rising

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