Save more electricity summertime ideas 5.

Save more electricity summertime ideas 5.

Save more electricity summertime ideas 5

Little efforts to save energy and money

This advice is a little too obvious, however, when comes to save energy and pay less for the electricity we consume, we must consider it all. There are no assumptions, or this is too obvious not to mention, every penny count, every idea is worth mentioning and to repeat it. Save more electricity summertime ideas 5 is about how we use our clothes washing machine.

Save energy and money with little effort.

This energy-saving hint is basically effortless. Either way, we will do the same movements, I mean, getting the dirty clothes to the washing machine and dry them and fold them. This idea is to help your water heater and save water too.

The first rule when washing clothes; use full loads (do not overload). Try to use the washing machine and the drying machine as little frequently as possible.

Then, do not use hot water unless is necessary. Using hot water causes your energy consumption to increase. The water heater always keeps our water hot, so when you are using hot water when washing your clothes, then you will be using energy from your water heater as well.

I suggest using warm water for your white clothes only. All the rest of your clothes can be washed with cold water.

On the other hand, washing your color clothes with cold water will make your clothes last longer. Using cold water while doing your laundry will prevent your favorite clothes to fade and lose color. Hot water damage the fabrics.

Save more electricity in the summertime. Save energy and your clothes will last longer.

Here is a short video on how I use the settings when I do my laundry.


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