Save More Electricity in The Kitchen

Save More Electricity in The Kitchen

Save more electricity in the kitchen

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Last week we blogged about saving electricity and money in the kitchen. That blog went well, and it was about all the appliances we use to prep a single meal and how to make the best and more efficient way to use them. Save more electricity in the kitchen is about the light fixtures. Since the kitchen is the room we use the most, the kitchen lights are the ones that we operate the most. Sometimes we even leave the kitchen lights on all night.

Let’s see what the best way is to save more electricity in the kitchen by knowing why we are turning on the kitchen lights.

Save more electricity in the kitchen – Why are you in the kitchen?

That is the question that will save you a few dollars. Why are you in the kitchen? Is it to fix a meal? Get a glass of water? Or it’s just your night light that you like to leave it on all night?

As an example, my kitchen has only 17 light bulbs. Wait… What? My son’s room has 2. This is insane, how can a room have that many light bulbs? The truth is that we do not think about it. Remember that we spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

Make your kitchen more efficient sectioning the light fixtures

This idea is easy to say but not easy to accomplish. You may need an electrician to finish this task. What are the most common things we do in the kitchen? Fixing a meal or getting something to eat and maybe we leave handy stuff of our daily use like car keys and other miscellaneous.

Sectioning the lights will save you more electricity in the kitchen. Think about the reason you are entering the kitchen area and that is why you are going to turn on the lights in the kitchen. I do not think that you need to turn on more than one light bulb to get a glass of water. On the other hand, I do believe that it could be difficult to prepare a Cassoulet.

So, get your kitchen lights fixed in a way that you can turn on the kitchen lights by sections. In my case I have under the cabinets night lights and can be operated by the 2 sections I have in the kitchen, left and right. By the middle of the kitchen, we will find a sink and stove so, I have 2 sets operated by only one switch. Then we have the rest of the cabinets and breakfast section. There is a light section for that one only.

Do you need all your kitchen lights on for a glass of water? I think not.

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