Own Your Energy Supply

Own Your Energy Supply

At the beginning of 2021 Texas was hit by a deadly winter storm. Unlikely, power grids failed, we experienced blackouts everywhere. Our life was at a halt for several days, in addition, the economic impact was devastating. In addition to COVID, businesses got hit with another slow recovery. This was a historic event; however, it does not mean that this will not happen again.

Own your energy supply

Don’t wait like last year…

With that said, this is the time of the year that we can be more prepared for another catastrophe.

In the light of another event like this, if you are already working from home, prepare yourself with enough food and weatherize your home. Equally, be ready to keep energy for your home. Also, plan your time to have the whole family at home and, possibly other family or friends that may require your assistance.

If you are not working from home, talk to your manager and prepare a plan of what you can do in case the roads are not suitable to drive into work.

Equally important if you are an employer. Prepare a plan for your employees. What can they do if they can’t show up for work? Prepare them with technology and equipment to work remotely.

Prepare yourself for a power outage, Own Your Energy Supply

Energy for your home

Above all, think of the worst-case scenario. Think about yourself, if you are not safe, you can’t keep your loved ones safe. Figure out ways to keep your house warm. Firewood, insulation, heating system, etc. In addition, and most importantly, a way to keep your home with electricity. A power generator GENERAC will be the best way to have power in your home in case of a power outage. Not a huge investment if you consider that losing power for a week can be translated into thousands of dollars.

Don’t lose energy at home

Heat is energy, and your home needs to be heated in the case of a winter storm. As mentioned above, an electricity generator will be a good idea to have installed. Now, have your heating system checked. Then again, all HVAC companies were slammed with work last winter storm. Why wait for an emergency to happen. Check your heating system before the HVAC companies are slammed with emergencies. Make sure your heating system has EMERGENCY HEAT mode.

Additionally, prepare yourself with firewood. As of right now, the demand for firewood is not as if it was snowing. Again, why wait for the last day.

Be your own electricity supply

Now, if you really want to help yourself and others, get your solar system. If it’s within your possibilities, get the solar system and a battery. While the solar system by itself will power your home, however in case of a power outage, your home will not have power unless you have a battery installed. Own Your Energy Supply.

A PV system will last for many years, you help yourself and you will produce energy for others. That excess of energy will be returned to you in credits you will use when your PV system is not producing energy.


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