New Prepaid Electricity Introduction Video

Prepaid Electricity Introduction Video

The new Prepaid Electricity Introduction Video is Electricity Express’ first jump into explaining our services via video.  If you’re a visual learner, check it out for a quick talk about the features and advantages of prepaid electricity services.  It touches on some crucial points, including:

  • how to call to set up an account
  • how to get power the same day
  • how the meter behaves when making a payment or loading it with kilowatts

Electricity Express is constantly working on ways to help Texas residents save on energy. Our purpose in creating the video channel is to give you hints on some quick home improvements that lower your kilowatt usage. We explain which factors make your electricity bill skyrocket and why. As in our blog, these videos are made by us, users of prepaid electricity, so we understand how this works.  All of the tips come from our personal experiences. We feel what you feel, and of course we have the same need… SAVE MONEY.

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We also make a quick comparison between prepaid and postpaid electricity services.  The prepaid electricity benefits are:

  • no deposit
  • no credit check
  • same day service
  • no personal information (social security number or drivers license) is required.

Remember that postpaid energy services require a deposit. If you cancel the postpaid service before your contract expires or leave a pending bill, the utility company uses your deposit to clear your account. Texas law protects you in this situation.  A future Electricity Express video will talk about this.  In the meantime, you can read about this problem here: How to Turn on Electricity in a New Home.

Thank you for watching and don’t forget, if you want to save money, follow us.  We know we can help.

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