Need Electricity Service Today

Need Electricity Service Today

Nowadays we need electricity like we need gas; We need gas like we need food for ourselves and our family. I can assure you that there are many electricity companies out here, you could say that they are competent. However, I love to consider myself help other than competition. Why help? Because I am just like you. On the hunt for something better on the hunt to save myself and my family money for savings or for a comfortable night to take my son out for pizza. Need Electricity Service Today

Need Electricity Service Today

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Prepaid Electricity Service, You can get it if you Need Electricity Service Today.

let’s talk prepaid electricity service, simple and straight to the point I would suggest this electricity service mainly to a single person home, furthermore. 

  • No contracts
  • Deposit is not needed
  • No social security # or credit needed! 
  • Easy same-day electricity connection!

Easy electricity service to maintain if you are only looking after yourself, why is that?

In fact, just because you are empowered to your own energy consumption.

Imagine, its only one person doing the consumption of electricity, therefore, you can limit yourself easier.

On the other hand, it may come a little harder to manage your electricity consumption. Especially when you are depending on your electricity usage with other members in your home.

Postpaid Electricity Service, You can get it if you Need Electricity Service Today.

let’s talk Postpaid electricity service, this comes in with electricity plans of 6-12+ months, possibly the most common service we use in our country. You can get it if you Need Electricity Service Today. On the other hand.

  • Electricity plans for 6-12+ months
  • Credit check for possible $0 down as a deposit (with the use of social security # OR ITIN) 
  • Electricity kilowatts rates depending on your location

Electricity Express works with more than 15 electricity providers

With that said, having access to multiple electricity companies allows me to find you the most economical electricity plan for you and your family!

All in all, my customers are unique, we all have different electricity usage habits, we all have different sizes of family members, it can be 1 person to 5 people living at home. With that said, depending on how many people live at home, assume more electricity will be consumed.

To conclude. My name Katherine Rogel, a single mother to a beautiful 2-year-old boy. What is more, I am here to help as a Counselor with Electricity Express. My goal is to secure you with the best electricity rate & most economical plan that meets your electricity needs!

Call me today to check out a better rate than your current electricity provider and let me and Electricity Express save you some money. My office number is 469-698-3331. I am available Monday-Friday from 9:30 A.M to 5:30 P.M


Thank you, my future customers.


Electricity Express



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