How to be more energy efficient and save money

How to be more energy efficient and save money

We all want to pay less for our services, more than anything for this that we use as much as the residential electricity service. Be more energy efficient and save money.

Residential electricity is something we need to live. We depend so much on electricity that, in my view, many entities take advantage and charge what they want regardless of who they can affect.

Although electricity rates are very competitive, they are very expensive. They will be competitive with respect to other electricity companies, but are they competitive with what one can generate?

There are ways to fight electricity companies. The best way is to be more efficient in the way of using electricity.

By definition, efficiency means using less than something and getting the same result.


How to be more energy efficient and save money

We can help the environment too

With that said, how can we do to be more efficient about our electricity consumption? In other words, how can we ask for less electricity from the energy company and at the same time be able to keep our house and appliances with the same use?

How to be more energy efficient and save money

Let’s start with easy things, here I list them for simplicity of change

  1. Keep doors and windows closed in extreme weather
  2. Correct use of curtains and blinds
  3. Correct use of ceiling fans
  4. Change incandescent bulbs with LEDs
  5. Keep the A / C filter clean
  6. Identify air leaks and repair them
  7. Change from thermostat to a programmable or intelligent one
  8. Correct use of the washing machine and clothes dryer

Now, we have many other ideas on how to be more efficient and ask the electricity company for less electricity. But these efforts are much more expensive, even so, the impact on the electricity bill is large.

  1. Sunstroke
  2. Radiation barriers
  3. Attic fans
  4. Skylight telescope
  5. Windows
  6. High-efficiency appliances

Remember that having a low electricity rate is not the most important thing to pay less electricity. The best way to pay less electricity is to consume less electricity.

The best way to be more energy efficient and pay less electricity is with solar panels.

The sun rises every day, bathes us every day and the most we do with those sun rays is to take some vitamin C and a tan. Let’s use all that energy in our favor, it’s ours. All we must do is see how to capture as much as we can and put it to work for our benefit, in our home.

These days we already see many houses with solar panels. Not all solar panels are the same. The production of energy between one brand and another is very different.

Solar panel companies are very different. Also, many are only intermediaries and acquire intermediaries. Almost no solar panel company does everything.

FreeVolt TX does everything and for everyone. The panels are manufactured in Poland by FreeVolt. With cutting-edge technology and patents, we have the best panel in the market. MONOPERC 300+.

MonoPerc 300+ SW

Mono Perc Panels

Mono Perc Panels

This little monster is capable of producing more than 300 watts in CST. What it means is that it aligns with the capabilities of investors. The inverters have different capacities, but by security rules, for residential cases, it is not possible to install inverters that bring more than 60 amp of current.

In these cases, what is done is to separate the current that reaches the inverters and two or more connections can be made to the inverters and a new current line is generated with an additional panel.

Another advantage of PERC MONKEY is that they are more efficient, wake up earlier. What I mean is that they are more sensitive to sunlight and photons start running. By having more connection points, the photons that generate electricity in DC, have more freedom and reach the indicated point faster. They are more than 2000 connection points.

More about the MonoPerc 300+ SM

In addition to this, the connection points help, if in a case that a part of the panel is covered by an external agent such as a tree leaf, dust or shadow, the photons have routes to reach their destination. Unlike other panels, if a small part of the panel is locked, most of the panel will not produce electricity.

Indeed, the best way to be more energy efficient and save money is with solar panels

Generate your own electricity with solar panels. Stop sending money to your electricity company that is not helping you at all. Invest your money in energy production for yourself. Increase the value of your home by the value of your photovoltaic system and a little more.

If you want to sell your house, it will be 10 times easier, pictures the situation when the sales agent of your house tells the new buyer that this house does not pay electricity, real estate agents love houses with solar panels.

Remember that being efficient is keeping the same job with less effort.

Have the same amount of electricity your home requires, but without asking your power company for electricity.

We will help you to be more energy efficient and save money


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All in all, becoming energy efficient is not only about saving energy at home. It’s about getting the results and stay with those results for the long term. It is an effort to lower energy consumption, especially when we are getting more and more technological and all this new technology needs energy. However, we can find ways to create our own power and not breaking the bank.


We will help you to be more energy efficient and save money