The impact of energy star certification. What is the blue “ENERGY STAR” sticker on appliances? What can the yellow sticker tell me?

Energy Star is a government-supported symbol for an item that was certified and can give information. This information is about a certain appliance about its energy efficiency. Furthermore, this data can be reliable and non-manipulated. The Energy Star program is dedicated to rating commercial and non-commercial, appliances. Regarding efficiency, lower energy consumption, lower environmental pollution, and more.

“EPA also provides trusted guidance and online tools to help homeowners make smart decisions about improving the energy efficiency of their existing homes.” Read more. 

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is an independent executive agency of the United States federal government tasked with environmental protection matters. In addition to this support.

So, when we see the blue ENERGY STAR label, we can rest assured that this product has been certified.

Impact of energy star certification

Reliable Certified Items

Here is the impact of the ENERGY STAR certified appliances

  • $450 per year in energy savings
  • $42 billion
  • 520 billion kWh
  • 400 million metric tons of greenhouse gases
  • 840 utilities, state and local governments, and non-profits support Energy Star efficiency programs.
  • And much more…

What can we see on the Energy Guide label? The Yellow sticker.

When we are shopping for a new appliance, often we see a comparable yellow sticker. This is the Energy Guide Label which tells us the efficiency of the product in terms of electricity consumption. Think about home efficiency.

As a result, you make your decision when buying an appliance. Because of all the information displayed, you can see how efficient a product is. As efficient as it could be, the price of the product will be different. Due to high-quality components, the appliance will be more efficient and thus more expensive.

Label about energy efficiency. Impact of energy star certification

Cost-Efficiency Information

  1. Displays what kind of appliance is and features
  2. Model, make, and size
  3. Estimated yearly energy cost
  4. Approximate energy usage
  5. Estimated yearly energy cost if ran with alternative fuel
  6. ENERGY STAR certification

Here is the Maytag link for more detailed information

As a result, we don’t need experts to run a few numbers and see THE IMPACT OF ENERGY STAR CERTIFICATION IN OUR APPLIANCES. In a like manner, we can see the financial impact. In addition to all this, we can feel good that we are making an impact on our environment.

To conclude, read the labels, run a few numbers and you will see that a high-quality, reliable, and efficient appliance will always make sense to buy.

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