Home Electricity Power Outage

Home Electricity Power Outage

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Home Electricity Power Outage

Who to call when we experience Home Electricity Power Outage.

As another rain season comes with the station change. During thunderstorms, we are more likely to have Home Electricity Power Outage.

Perhaps you don’t know, but your home electricity company is unlikely to be responsible for power outages during a thunderstorm.

In the event of power outage, have your electricity company bill in hand. There are important in case of emergency contact phone numbers.

Usually, in the first page of your home electricity bill, you can find the Home Electricity Power Outage emergency contact phone number.

Sometimes, the utility company will have a prerecorded message about the status of the power outage.

Bill fo electricity company

In your electricity company bill, you can see power outage emergency numbers

Image of bill where the numbers are

First things first. Let’s get ready for Home Electricity Power Outage.

  • Have flashlights and extra batteries ready.
  • Candles and matches.
  • Check with your neighbors. See if they are in the same situation.
  • Know where your first aid kit is.
  • Check the fuses and see if just a fuse box reset may restore the power.
  • Have a battery radio ready.
  • Maintain a thermometer in your refrigerator.


Previously, Home Electricity Power Outage lasted a long time. However, technology has help to reduce that waiting for the power to come back.

Supposedly, the utilities have more information of the problem and solve it quickly.

In case of Home Electricity Power Outage, call the utility that serves your area rather than calling your home electricity company.

Soon after the power outage, gather the family and talk about a plan, who is doing what. Usually a grownup will do the fuse box check. The rest of the family can prepare the house to gather important emergency items; batteries, radios, emergency kits, etc.

If the power outage is not only for in your home, the responsible to restore it will be the utility.

Texas Utility phone numbers by area:

Oncor, Dallas / Fort Worth: 1-888-313-4747


Centerpoint, Houston: 1-800-332-7143


AEP Central and AEP North, South Texas / The Valley: 1-866-223-8508


TNMP (Texas New Mexico Power): 1-888-866-7456


See map.

Utilities By Areas in Texas

Utilities By Areas in Texas

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