Home Electricity Without Checking Your Credit

Home Electricity Without Checking Your Credit

Electricity Express would like to make sure that you know what is needed to get your home electricity started. Home Electricity Without Checking Your Credit.

Home Electricity Without Checking Your Credit

Don’t let your credit be checked.

Electricity services should be simple, safe and hassle-free. We all need this commodity; home electricity is something we can hardly live without.

All electricity companies have the goal to keep their customers for a long time. However, having some kind of leverage to do so is not that I would encourage.

The hard way to get Home Electricity Without Checking Your Credit

Yes, there is a hard way and an easy way get Home Electricity Without Checking Your Credit.

The hard way is by going with a postpaid electricity company, the one that sends you a monthly statement, and ask not to do the credit assessment. That is to say that this will default to a deposit. Where as a customer can run hundreds of dollars in a single month of electricity service.

With that said, the deposit will be used as leverage, the customer will think twice not to pay the bill. Not to mention, late fees, reconnection fees, when the customer is disconnected for no payment of his/her electricity bill.

The easy way to get Home Electricity Without Checking Your Credit.

Prepaid Electricity Service will never ask for credit, whereas rates are very competitive.

First, don’t let the electricity company check your credit. Secondly, compare and see how competitive the electricity rates are. Then, be comfortable that the electricity service for your home can be connected in a matter of minutes.

Electricity Express is dedicated to study other electricity companies’ rates, tendencies and gimmicks. As a matter of fact, we have seen that those free energy products work more as a hook to attract customers than what it really is for.

Free energy plans are not easy to take advantage of.

For example, as of right now with the “winter saving time”, it gets dark at 5 PM. 5 PM is exactly when we use most of our electricity. To start with, we come back from work, school, etc. Then we get ready for dinner and start cooking. Then, we have our normal duties like; homework, washing and drying our cloths, etc. Right after that, TV’s, tablets and electronics are in use and charging. eventually, you’ll get it.

The free nights energy plans kick in at 9 PM. By that time, we are getting ready for bed. So, what is the advantage to have free nights energy plans we are not using the energy at that time?

I’m just saying…


Give us a call for your hassle-free quote, either for prepaid electricity or postpaid energy services.

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