Go Solar And Save More Than Just Money

Go Solar And Save More Than Just Money

Going solar is a big decision, it may be one of the largest investments for your home. However, Go Solar And Save More Than Just Money.

There are plenty of reasons why going solar is good, to tell the truth, now for me saving money is coming as a second priority.



I will enumerate other reasons Go Solar And Save More Than Just Money



One of the fastest growing industries in the world. 59% per year indeed, in the entire world. It looks like going solar is making sense for a lot of folks. Let’s face it, not everyone is about saving money but helping our planet earth.


Over 260,000 workers were in the solar industry in 2017, a 25% growth since 2016. The U. S. Department of Energy says that now solar industry employs twice as much as nonrenewable energy resources generation like coal, natural gas and oil.



The cost of solar installations has dropped more than 72% since 2010. As I mentioned above, money is not all, however, the point here is not about money, is about accessibility to use less power from nonrenewable sources.

Environment. Wind vs. Solar

Go Solar And Save More Than Just Money

Environmental Impact

Two of the largest sources of green energy is wind and solar, just look at the image below, does this look pretty to you? Sorry but not for me. These wind farms are extremely expensive and require a lot of maintenance. Lots of moving parts here.

Be your own electricity company.

Still, you do not own those things (wind turbines). You can choose an electricity company that brings energy from wind farms, you still don’t own anything, still, pay for electricity to the electricity company and of course to the utility to deliver it.

With solar, you generate electricity for yourself. Considering that the sun is not out there 24/7, we still need to be connected to the utility. However, now the utility will be working for you and you will be paying them. The excess of energy generated from your PV system will be stored in the grid ready for you when you need it. Therefore, we need to stay connected to the utility and pay for that storage service. Not to worry, is about $10 a month.

Go Solar And Save More Than Just Money


There are more reasons to Go Solar And Save More Than Just Money.  For now, I leave you with these thoughts. Keep following us in our Power Blog for more information.


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