Electricity Savings When Weather Is Changing

Now that the summer is fading, there are several things we can do to save electricity and pay less electricity. We are all about electricity savings.

Electricity Savings When Weather Is Changing

Time to save energy at home

Electricity Savings When Weather Is Changing


My goal here is for you to remember all those things we can do to save electricity when the weather is changing. When seasons change, we need to prepare ourselves for the new temperatures, and weather changes. If we do not adapt ourselves to the new weather changes, we will not only be spending more money, but some of our appliances will also start having trouble and will fail when we need them the most.


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A/C maintenance


Depending on your biological timer but I change my A/C filter every 3 months. Depending on the A/C filter quality, however, I recommend a good quality new A/C filter every 3 months. So, when the weather is changing, I change the filter. This will help to fight allergies, less dust in the house since the weather is not that hot, we can leave doors open for longer periods of time. Electricity Savings When Weather Is Changing.


Remember to power wash the coils on the air compressor of the A/C.


If you can handle it, turn off the A/C thermostat for a few days.


Remember that the A/C is our #1 energy consumer in the house.


Save electricity throughout the house


Now that we are done with the A/C, let’s move on to what we can do around the house to save electricity. Use of the ceiling fans; now that we are using less A/C, we can do better use of the ceiling fans and circulate some fresh air.

Natural light: days are getting shorter, and we will need the use of artificial light earlier. However, open blinds and curtains to let the natural light in as much as possible. With that said, if you do not have LED light bulbs, I totally recommend changing all your light bulbs to LEDs.

Time your shower time; sometimes we just forget how long we have been in the shower. This uses a lot of electricity if your water heater is electric. Time your time in the shower with an alarm clock, or if you are like me, I just count 3 songs to finish my shower.


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