Home Electricity Problems, Inspection Needed.

Home Electricity Problems, Inspection needed.

Home Electricity Problems, Inspection needed.

Why an electricity inspection is needed when I move to a new home.

If you are moving to a new house or trailer that had been vacant for a long time or brand new home, you need to be prepared to get an electrical inspection and permit. It’s a safety regulation in some cities, the electricity inspection is required before you can get electricity service in that house or trailer.

Home Electricity Problems, Inspection Needed.

The electricity inspection is required because the city wants to make sure all wiring is working properly and it meets all of the safety codes before having any electricity running, that way we can avoid any fire.

Every city has different safety codes

Some cities have more strict rules, like before they can go and do the inspection the city will ask for proper documentation proving that, the current home/trailer is under current tenants name, if you need to change the name to your name you will have to go to city hall and pick up a permit, without it you can’t get an inspection.

Some of the requirements for an inspection according to AEP Texas are, no previous meter at premises, meter disconnected at primes for more than 1 year, Upgrades/repairs to existing meter enclosure at premises. To find out if you need to get an inspection before requesting electricity service, you will need to contact your utility.


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