Don’t forget to pay the electricity bill

Don’t forget to pay the electricity bill.

This is what happen when you pay late, so don’t forget to pay the electricity bill.

Postpaid Electricity Services – The one with a contract, month to month electricity payments.

Please note the time line.

Don’t forget to pay the electricity bill

You’ll be chained

When an electricity company does not receive the customer’s payment on time, automatically, the system generates a new bill with the old charges plus late fees and the new energy usage charges. This is about 31 days of energy service.

It takes about 10 days for the customer to receive the new bill.

The new bill has a new due date, that will be about 10 more days. So, so far, we have more than 20 days after we were supposed to pay the original bill.

Then, if a payment is not received, a disconnection notice is sent, now, this one, usually has 5 days due date. If the payment is not received, Electricity is cut and set on “stand-by” mode.

No power is not the worst that can happen.

Nevertheless, getting disconnected, is not the worst part of all. Don’t forget to pay the electricity bill

Depending on the amount of money owned to the electricity company, the energy company can make things worse, setting a SWITCH HOLD. Yes, a switch hold. This means that, no matter what, the customer can’t switch electricity provider until that debt is settled. Don’t forget to pay the electricity bill.

In resume, and focusing on the time line, we can determine this:

30 days of service ($120 aprox), plus 20 days of service waiting for a customer’s payment ($80 aprox) late fee ($15 aprox), plus 5 days for the disconnection notice to apply. We have a grand total of almost 55 days of service and a due amount of $230. Don’t forget to pay the electricity bill

As an electricity company perspective

Although, that is only for the energy charge. We are not looking at all operation cost incurred for a single customer.

While I’m just a salesperson, I still see, or try to see both sides of the coin, from the customers point of view and as the energy companies manage the situations.

Let’s be fair to everyone and do our best for no one to lose. Thus, don’t forget to pay the electricity bill.

In contrast, prepaid electricity is a little simpler, yes they have a late fee but is minimal.

Let us help you to understand all this, thus you can follow our Power Blog for more ideas how to save on energy.

Government assistance granted? Send is the paper approval for more energy discounts. If not, apply here.

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