Cheaper Electricity Cleaning the A/C Condenser

Cheaper Electricity Cleaning the A/C Condenser

Now that the summer is about to go, the temperatures begin to drop, and in the same way our electricity bill. Remember that air conditioning is the appliance that consumes more energy than any other in our home. This time I want to share and tell you that you can have Cheaper Electricity Cleaning the Condenser.

Lower your energy consumption, help your A / C

Many times we forget that air conditioning requires a little attention. Cleaning the condenser and changing the filter is not the only thing that is done. If it is recommended that a technician check the air conditioning unit at least once a year. Cleaning the condenser every 6 months and changing the air filter every 4 months is something that we should not forget. The air conditioning unit can be damaged if we do not pay attention to these details. If you don’t have a warranty on your home, you could spend more than $ 5,000 to replace the A / C unit.

Cheaper and Easier Electricity Cleaning the A/C Condenser

This tip is very easy to apply and will not take a lot of time. If we do not do this procedure regularly, the fan will stop working, cold air will not enter the house and the air conditioning unit will not stop working and will use a lot of energy.

All you have to do is grab a hose to clean the condenser with water. The condenser is the coil that is in the unit that is outside the house, it is where the air enters and the one that pushes the air into the house.

Start by flushing from top to bottom of the condenser. And that’s it.

In addition to keeping the air conditioning unit in good condition, it will help you have cooler air entering the unit and it will cost less work for the air conditioning system to cool your home. This way you will have less energy consumption and savings on your electricity.

Here is a video on how to do this simple idea to save electricity…

One way to see how much energy you save is with prepaid electricity. Prepaid electricity tells you how much energy you are using per day, so you can see if your electricity saving efforts are working and if you are paying less for your residential electricity.


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