Appliances That Use The Most Energy

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Appliances That Use The Most Energy

High electricity bills? What could be causing them?  Here is a list of appliances that use the most energy:

  • Heater

A home’s heater works the hardest in the winter.The best way to save money is to insulate and seal all ducts and air leaks.  Don’t forget those cracks in the windows. A home can save 20% on its heating (and cooling) bills by sealing holes. Remember to have the equipment serviced each year, replace air filters every three to five months, and install a programmable thermostat to turn down the heat while you’re asleep or at work.

  •  Air Conditioner

The same rules for heaters apply here, so insulate, seal ducts and cracks, and use a programmable thermostat. Be sure window units fit tightly so outside air won’t get in. If you have a central air system, always clean the ducts properly.

  • Water Heater

This uses 14% of the power in an average home. A new, energy-efficient water heater can cut the water bill in half. When replacing one, consider a tankless model that heats water on demand.

  • Lights

These make up 12% of an energy bill. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that if every U.S. household replaced just one traditional light, America would save enough energy to light 6 million homes, save $600 million in utility bills, and reduce enough greenhouse gas emissions to equal the removal of 1 million cars from the road. Compact fluorescent light bulbs use less energy and last up to 10 times longer than standard incandescent bulbs, saving money on energy bills and replacement costs.

  • Clothes dryer, washer

Major appliances account for 13% of a home’s energy, with the clothes dryer and washer the largest consumers at 6%. Many states have sales tax holidays , making them a good time to buy energy-efficient appliances. Washing full loads in cold water is a good way to save money. An energy-efficient washer will “squeeze” more water out of clothes, cutting dryer time in half.

To conserve cash, use your dryer less or try drying your clothes outside.

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