Affordable Solar Panels in Texas

Affordable Solar Panels in Texas

There is a lot of misconception about the cost of a solar system. In the first place, solar panels are not free. However, our job is to explain how Affordable Solar Panels in Texas.

What cross your mind when you hear the word AFFORDABLE?

Affordable Solar Panels in Texas

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For me, something affordable is that when I plan to get it, it will not affect my monthly budget or that I have enough to pay for it. Hopefully, we are in the same concept.

With this said, I see no reason why more Texas residents go solar.

To start with, FreeVolt has Affordable Solar Panels in Texas.

Allow me to explain how we accommodate an affordable solar panel system. First, we gather information. Second, we design a PV system that fits the customer energy needs, no more. Third, we share that design and data with the customer. Then, if the customer fully understands the project, we show the financial proposals. I mean, cash or financing.

An Affordable Solar Panels in Texas is the one that will not change your monthly energy expense budget.

Let me put it in other words, a customer has a budget for electricity, let’s say $200 per month. When a PV system is running, the electricity bill will decrease dramatically, maybe by 90%. So, what is the customer going to do with all that money saved ($180)? That is the money to pay for the PV system.

We create a financial proposal affordable for the customer. This is what I mean for Affordable Solar Panels in Texas.

Not to break the piggy bank, keep the same budget for when we use the most in the house, ELECTRICITY.

Now, your electricity bill will have an expiration date.

Imagine this, the customer just set a date for him not to worry about electricity bills, for the rest of his life.

In another blog, I will write about home value. Every time we invest in something, we want to get as much as we can in return. A PV system will increase your home value, always.

Increase home value

Increase home value

Affordable Solar Panels in Texas, different ways to see it. Let us help you to answer all your questions about solar. We know you have thought about it, we will make this make sense.

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