5 Ways To Save Energy In The Winter

5 Ways To Save Energy In The Winter

This season we usually spend more money than the rest of the year. Its normal, holidays are upon us and we like to share with our families. Not to mention that kids spend more time at home than ever. More videogames, more people in the house, more lights are on and for longer periods of time. 5 Ways To Save Energy In The Winter.

5 Ways to save energy in the winter

Easy to do ideas save energy

Let me show you simple tips to keep your energy usage as low as possible.

5 ways to save energy this winter

  1. Lights: Yes, we all like our Christmas lights, however, we need to make this season memorable for some other reasons than a huge electricity bill. Use LED lights, timers, remote controllers, etc.
  2. Doors and windows: check for air leaks that may happen at doors and windows, keep the cold air out and warm air in.
  3. Cooking: use the correct stove settings and burners. Remember that electric stoves take longer to cool off, use that same heat to cook or warm up other items
  4. Save hot water: the water heater uses a lot of energy, be mindful of your time during a shower, use warm water ONLY for whites while doing laundry, wash your dishes with warm water ONLY if necessary.
  5. Furnace: do not turn off your heating system. Just keep it in auto or lower the temperature. Turn it off ONLY if you go on vacation.


Let us save electricity this winter

These easy-to-follow ideas to save electricity this winter will help you to reduce energy consumption. A lot of us use natural gas in our home, however, there are a lot of houses and apartments that do not have natural gas installation.

Save energy in the winter bonus idea

Do your laundry at night and save 30 % of your electricity or gas bill.

Nighttime is the coldest part of the day, help your heating system when it needs it the most, at night.


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