Truly Free Electricity with Solar Panels

Truly Free Electricity with Solar Panels

Indeed, my friends. Solar is getting more and more popular for the main reason that customers are getting Truly Free Electricity with Solar Panels.

Truly Free Electricity with Solar Panels

Go Solar with Electricity Express

High Tech helping to get Truly Free Electricity with Solar Panels

Considering that most of the high tech is tested somewhere else, Texas has been a pioneer in energy generation. However, this energy is generated from non-renewable resources. Oil, coal, natural gas, groundwater, and aquifers. It’s time to change things around and Texas it’s doing it.

High tech is getting to Texas and with that better PV systems. Longer warranties on the equipment and installations. Texas is getting what it needs to get Texas residents Truly Free Electricity with Solar Panels.

Net Electricity Generation Rankings

Electricity Generation 2017

Notably, year after year, Texas leads power generation, especially electricity. Yes, Texas is the second largest state, by population and size, however, Texas produces more than what Texas needs. In the same way, California thinks that renewable energy, solar in particular, is urgent.

By the way, California leads in solar energy generation by far with more than 22,777 megawatts installed capacity.
Top 10 Solar States

Top 10 Solar States

Texas Solar Panels Competitive Cost

Texas may be ranked in 12 in cost per kW system compared to the rest of the country. Average cost per kW is $4.91. Still very low whereas in South Carolina at $9.27 per kW system.

Texas Renewable Electricity Production

Texas Renewable Electricity Production

The cost is not all that matters; efficiency and durability are very important factors to make a PV system more likable to produce as much power as possible and to sell as well. In fact, there are panels that have a limited 25-year warranty. On the inverter side, the warranties are for about 10 years.

SolarExpressPro – Electricity Express Goes Solar

Electricity Express is finding its way to get the best of the best. Truly Free Electricity with Solar Panels.

We are getting so close to getting the best products in Texas, we want to be the number one in solar installations.

We are going to offer Truly Free Electricity with Solar Panels.

  • 30-year warranties in all components
  • More durability in all components
  • Solar modules with the least degradation
  • Best tools for you to monitor your energy generation and return.
  • Best customer service experience

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