Lets Talk about Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

We hear about Green Energy on TV and on the Radio all the time, but do we really know what it is and how is produce? Is it Renewable?  What is the price of it? Is it enough? This are the questions I have when it comes to this topic.

What is Renewable Energy?

We have heard about solar panels and wind mills that produce energy for some homes, but did you know that there are other ways to produce Renewable Energy. Yup is not only with the sun and the wind.

  • Wind: Turbines turn breeze into electricity without creating pollution.
  • Biomass Power: this comes from Plants, Trees, and other Organic Material that can but burned.
  • Geothermal Energy: This energy is the use of heated water and steam from the Earth to run power stations, which turns steam into electricity.
  • Hydroelectric Power: This uses flowing water to move turbines which generates Electricity. This methought has been use before since a British-American engineer named James Francis developed the first modern water turbine in 1849.
  • Solar Power: We all know this one. This uses cells called solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity.

Is it Renewable?

Yes,  Since the sources of which Renewable Energy is created from will not run out anytime soon this makes is 100% renewable.

What is the cost for Renewable Energy?

Currently, the Renewable Energy cost is generally higher than that of fossil based and nuclear energy. This is do to the amount that is being demand and the amount that is being supplied.

Is it Enough for the whole world?

Yes, is got to the point where it can power up to 1 million American homes in just 2013. Now there is countries that are running only on Renewable Energy Like Sweden that in 2015 Eliminated the use of Fossil Fuel usage within its borders, and immediately started ramping up investment in Solar, Wind, Energy Storage, Smart Grids, and Clean Transport.  They are 100% Fossil- fuel Free. Costa Rica is another country that is aiming to be 100% Carbon- Neutral by 2021. Other countries are Nicaragua, Scotland, Germany, Uruguay, Denmark, China, among many other countries.

In Conclusion Renewable energy is getting to be the next big thing in Energy Supply and maybe soon we will all be using this methought for our electricity needs. Remember here at Electricity Express we can help you find the best green plan in the market as well.




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