Prepaid Residential Electricity Service


Prepaid residential Electricity service

Prepaid residential Electricity service

Prepaid Residential Electricity Service.


Let’s talk about Prepaid Residential Electricity Service, is getting popular between communities because it is easy to get it and you can have more control on your electricity usage, one of the first things you need to have to be able to receive prepaid electricity is an AMS or smart meter. A smart meter helps to calculate your electricity usage in a faster and detailed way, that is the main reason why a smart meter is needed.

How long it takes to connect the service?

A prepaid residential electricity service usually connects between 2 to 4 hours but it can be sooner, and there are no specific requirements to get the service. To get a prepaid residential electricity service all you need will be your personal information, such as: full name, phone number, date of birth and address.  Prepaid residential electricity services do not require a credit check, for this reason if you do not like to provide this kind of information this service works pretty good for you.


How much will you need to start a Prepaid Residential Electricity Service?


The amount to start receiving a prepaid electricity service will vary according to the electricity provider but the ideal amount to start your prepaid electricity is $50.


What is the amount recommend to keep your prepaid residential energy service on?


In Electricity Express we recommend our customers to keep a balance of at least $35 to avoid disconnection, this will help you to pay less during summer. Remember when you receive your text messages about your prepaid residential electricity service available balance one day, it is showing you the amount you had the day before, that is why we recommend to have at least a balance of $35. It also helps you to avoid reconnection fees.


Why to choose Prepaid Residential Electricity Service?

  • You can have control of what you use.
  • You can spend the money you wish to.
  • You will receive messages will your daily usage.
  • There is no contract.
  • No credit check.
  • Fast.
  • Easy to get.
  • You can find fixed rates.

In Electricity Express we’ll be happy to help you getting new electricity service, if you are looking for a prepaid residential electricity service we can assist you. We have different providers and different plans.

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Prepaid Residential Electricity Service



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