High Electricity Consumption

High Electricity Consumption

High Electricity Consumption

High Electricity Consumption

I do not know if you have noticed that this last electricity bill for your home energy was twice as normal.

High Electricity Consumption. We Felt it too, not only in our personal consumption but also our clients, here is what we think.

For most of us, the last electricity bill came for consumption between December 15 to January 15, more or less, and if we remember, between those dates in Texas there were two cold fronts. Even in Houston it snowed and halted the city for a couple of days.

These extreme weather changes make everything change, although we do not see it and do not make many changes, but the consumption of electricity is one of the things that are most affected. High Electricity Consumption.

The heating, air conditioning and water heater of our homes are responsible for approximately 80% of the energy in our home. Heating can be up to 60% only, while water heating up to 20%.

Most of us do not know how to handle the most energy consuming appliances in our home.

Heating our Home

Most of us believe that, if we are not at home, since we are going to work, it does not make sense to keep our home with the “heater” on and we make the mistake of turning it off when we go out to work. High Electricity Consumption

Let me explain, when we turn off the air heating unit, we involuntarily let the temperature of our home go down a lot. When returning home after several hours that the heater was not working, we turn on the “heater” until it reaches the desired temperature, this may take about 3 hours. This consumes 3 times more energy than normal.

Solution: Do not turn off the air heater, just lower the temperature. Control the thermostat at a low temperature but not too low, I would say about 62 ° F. What will happen is that the heating unit will be on every 30 mins (approximately) for short periods of time. Once you arrive at your home after a long day of work, raise the temperature, this way it will take 30 minutes (approximately to reach the desired temperature, not 3 hours.

Do not set the thermostat more than 72 ° F. Lets face it, above 70 ° F it is no longer cold. If it’s cold, wrap up with a blanket.

Hot water

As the water that reaches our water heater comes from outside the house and is below the ground, then it comes very cold. Besides that, in the winter the long showers are more pleasant, this makes the water heater consume more energy than normal.

Save water and energy at the same time.

Sometimes we neglect and lose the notion of time in which we are bathing, we do not bring a watch in hand, much less, but we can do the following; If you are like me, we like to sing under the shower, then sing a couple of songs, nothing more, not 3 or 4, much less the complete album of our favorite group. A couple of songs is enough. So we leave more water for those who need it most.

On the other hand.

To conclude, I would like to express to you that even with all this that I mentioned a high consumption of electricity due to our fault, I believe that there is a plot and that the utilities are facing us and an excessive consumption was invented, but why?

I believe that, as we are seeing it. The economy is collapsing, the stock market is faltering, the generation of energy through renewable resources is booming, which is not convenient for the government, the government does not know any other way to get money to finance what really wants and is almost inevitable, as are the conflicts with the outside; wars

Call the appropriate utility and ask to have your meter checked. It’s weird, but it may be that with this tremendous cold that hit all of Texas it has “broken down.”

Here it helps you with the phone numbers and websites of the corresponding utilities




Oncor:  888 313 6862


CenterPoint  800 332 7143


AEP  877-373-4858


Texas New Mexico Power  888-866-7456



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