How to Save Money

Passive Income with Ambit Energy

Passive Income with Ambit Energy Let’s talk about money. Not just saving money but make money on the side. What about helping others to get electricity. In fact, electricity is something that we all need and getting paid at the same time, is the best. Passive Income with Ambit Energy. In the event you lose your […]

Passive Income with Ambit Energy

Reducir su consumo de electricidad en el hogar

Lower Your Home Electricity Consumption

Lower Your Home Electricity Consumption – Monitor It How many times we have thought that this next home electricity bill will be lower? In order to pay less for our home electricity bill, we need to consider 2 factors. Energy rates and energy consumption. In this blog, I will cover Lower Your Home Electricity Consumption. […]

Prepaid Electricity Last Longer

Prepaid Electricity Last Longer What do I mean with “Last Longer”? Prepaid Electricity Last Longer. Home electricity is a need, is one of those things that we barely can live without it. It is expensive, and we love if Prepaid Electricity Last Longer. How can we make this so needed product yield more and more? […]

Electricidad prepagada dura más

Image of a tankless water heater

Save Energy and Money with a Tankless Water Heater

Save Energy and Money with a Tankless Water Heater This little thing will Save Energy and Money. Easy to install and saves tons of energy. We love this product for various reasons; first, they are small, so you can have more room for storage unlike the huge water heater with a humongous tank. Usually the […]

Assistance to Pay your Electricity Bill

  Need help paying your Electric bill? The state of Texas has several programs to help low income families pay for their utilities; all public services such as electricity can be cover. These programs will even help you pay for any connection fee or deposit need to start your electricity service. Lite up Texas was […]

Descuentos Electricidad Residencial Lite Up Texas

Tips to Save Electricity in the Summer

Tips to Save Electricity in the summer Summer is the time of year where families go on vacation and/or enjoy time at amusement parks. But if you live in areas where summer is as intense as it is here in Texas, you know that your electricity bill will be high. Learn to save electricity and […]

(Español) Como Ahorrar Electricidad con tu Lavadora

How to save electricity with your washing machine.   How to save electricity with your washing machine. As we all know in almost every house we have washer and dryer, these are indispensable for our daily tasks at home. We all make use of them, but without realizing these appliances consume up to 11.8% of […]

(Español) ¿Porqué mi recibo de luz residencial es tan alto?

Why my electricity bill is so high? Electricity Express wants to help. Everyone is asking: Why is my bill residential electric bill is so high?   This summer we will be talking a lot about why electricity bills are so high. There can be many factors. Let’s see why. The purpose of all my blogs is […]

Electricidad Residencial (3)

(Español) Electricidad Residencial

Residential Electricity (3) Average energy usage; House, Apartment or Mobile Home.  (3) blog series: Residential Electricity (3) Residential Electricity (3). On this blog we’ll talk about the average energy usage; about the average usage in KWh. In previous blogs I explained how to see how much electricity you use a month. The next question is; am I using what […]