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Lets Talk about Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy We hear about Green Energy on TV and on the Radio all the time, but do we really know what it is and how is produce? Is it Renewable?  What is the price of it? Is it enough? This are the questions I have when it comes to this topic. What is Renewable […]

Renewable Energy

Residential Electricity for You

Residential Electricity for You. Get it by yourself

Residential Electricity for You. Get it by yourself, it’s for you. Sometimes it gets hard to get things, good things, like Residential Electricity for You, get it by yourself. When a customer asks for a residential electricity plan with a contract, in other words, to have a fixed rate and a monthly statement, the energy […]

About Residencial Electricity Rates

About Residencial Electricity Rates When it comes to shopping for a new Electricity company we are always looking for the lowest Electricity Rates in the market, but when we do find it; Are we sure that this is the real energy rate? Is it going to go up after a certain amount of time? Is […]

About Residencial Electricity Rates

Electricity Express Residential Energy Broker

Electricity Express Who are we? Electricity Express, an residential energy services Broker. What do we do? At Electricity Express we like to help, whether the customer needs to find new electricity services or switch retail electric provider.  As a Residential Energy Broker, we provide different options whether is month to month contract, prepaid, low kilowatt or […]

Electricity Meter Tampering and Stealing

Meter Tampering and Stealing As consumers we are always looking for ways to save money on the things that we need, Like our electricity. We are always looking for the lowest price in the market. There is a practice called Meter Tampering, people try to change the way a meter works, even when this is […]

Electricidad Para Estudiantes

El verano está apunto de llegar a su fin y eso significa que el regreso a clases esta cerca, y si eres un estudiante nuevo o de regreso como yo, sabes que es tiempo de preparar todo lo necesario para este nuevo año escolar. Como asegurarte que te as registrado para todas las clases que […]

Electricity For Students

  Electricity For Students Without Complications Summer fun is about to end, that means going back to school, and if you are a new or a returning student like me, you know you need to get ready to register for classes, and make sure you have all your books and supplies. Also if you are […]

Agent Commissions from Electricity Express

Agent Commissions from Electricity Express Electricity express not only cares about offering the best to our customers, but also want to offer the best to our agents. In the last couple of months we had some agents calling us to advise us that they have not received their commission checks, which it was a surprise […]

How Long it Takes to Connect Residential Electricity

How Long it Takes to Connect Residential Electricity Electricity Express works with different companies to provide you, with the best plan and rates available in your area. We offer Prepaid and Postpaid. Once you have selected the plan that best suits you, there is a couple of thing we have to do before we can […]