Heatwave bringing huge electric bills

Heatwave bringing huge electric bills

Do you remember the winter storm back in February 2021? In the same way, this heatwave bringing huge electric bills.

This is what the Texas Comptroller says about that winter storm in 2021

Are we in the same situation as the winter in 2021?

Heatwave bringing huge electric bills

It will be hot for the next 10 (or more) days

Will Texas suffer from blackouts?

Part of the problem with extreme weather is the energy demand. We try to stay as comfortable as possible at home with extreme weather. With that said, having our heating or cooling systems working at their maximal potential. This increases the energy demand. With that said, the power grid overloads and shuts down. Also, sometimes transformers burn or explode because of the excess electricity running through them.

Factors that increase the energy demand

More than ever, we have remote jobs. Working from home is now a normal thing to do.

In Summertime, kids are out of school and staying at home.

More appliances are in use, cooking, laundry, TVs, videogame consoles, etc.

What is worse, to have a blackout or have a lower electricity bill? What can we do to help?

Lower your energy consumption

Let’s help the grid by lowering our energy usage. 1 kWh can be the difference between a power outage and keeping our electricity running. Then, ERCOT and most utilities send massive communications to tell the community about the importance of this matter and what can happen, and how we can help. However, very few people understand it and follow guidelines. Heatwave bringing huge electric bills.

  • Set your thermostat as high as possible within your comfort.
  • Laundry, cooking, showering, etc. Try to do all this after 9 pm.
  • Off the electronics.

Nowadays is almost impossible to have our kids off the electronics, however, they can take breaks, especially during the hottest hours of the day.

Go solar. I understand that going solar takes a few weeks, however, I would like you to think that going solar and adding a battery will keep you away from power outages. Not to mention the thousands of dollars you can save. Heatwave bringing huge electric bills

On the other hand, one of the best ways to know if we are lowering our energy usage is with prepaid electricity services. Additionally, prepaid electricity sends a daily notification of the energy consumed. This way you can see if your energy-saving efforts are working or not.


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