How it Works PrePay Electricity

How It Works: Prepay Electricity with Electricity Express


Calling 855 781 6970 is fast and easy. Since we live in a fast-paced world and we understand that your electricity can’t wait, we do our best to set you up in a matter of 7 to 10 minutes. How does Electricity Express do this?

How to Start Your Account with Electricity Account
  • With PREPAY utility services no credit assessment is performed. 
  • We create your account within minutes using your name, address, date of birth and cellphone number.
  • After verifying your account information, we send you a text message acknowledging your request; you reply to that message.
  • When you get your account number, you then talk to a 3rd party verification department just to comply with PUC (Public Utility Commission) rules.
  • Make the desired payment; this varies based on the plan you choose; FREE ENERGY or Lowest Rate.
    • Here you have 2 options:
      • A customer paying $75 or more will receive a $100 credit ($10 per month for the next 10 months). FREE ENERGY.
      • Choose the lowest rate in prepaid electricity, now at $0.09 kWh. This is for ONCOR area and it’s not an introductory rate. (Call us for up-to-date and local rates)

    • All these plans are valid as long as the customer stays active with Payless Power.
  • If same day service is needed,
    • Call Monday through Saturday before 5:00 p.m. CST. This priority energy connection is FREE.
    • You’re done…
 Billing with Electricity Express
Text message billing method or online statement, daily usage notifications

Text message billing method or online statement, daily usage notifications

  • With prepay services you choose either the paperless billing method via text messages or emails. While they are similar, there are a few differences.
    Emails let you print statements showing your name, address, usage and account number. You need this number to make payments at any payment center, online or by phone.
    The text messages will show Payless Power (the name of your utility provider), customer service number to call with inquiries or to make payments, your account number. You also see the exact balance or how much you have left on your meter as well as an ESTIMATED duration of kilowatts that remains on your account. Finally, we note the date you were billed for that specific day’s usage and how many kilowatts you used on that day.
Payments: Avoid Reload Fees
  • Payment fees: Be smart and avoid reload fees by putting more money on your meter towards your usage. How payments work:
    • Try to make payments online (click here) or by phone to avoid paying a fee to a payment center. You can make payments 24/7 using your Visa, Master Card or Discover card. Remember we do not charge loading fees usin our automated systems online or by phone.
    • If you go to any payment center the store will charge a convenience fee which varies from $1 to $3.50. We can’t control this, because it depends on the platform the store uses to make the payment for you (Fidelity Express, ACE Cash Express, Dollar Express, 7-Eleven, etc.).
  • How it Works: Government Assistance Programs:
    • If you have not enrolled with the LITE-UP Texas Low Income Electricity Discount Program, visit the PUC website, download the form or apply online. If you follow the guidelines, most of your electricity charges will be paid for by this government benefits program.


FAST & EASY Just call 855 781 6970.