Go Solar, Sell Your Home Faster

Go Solar, Sell Your Home Faster

Indeed, Go Solar, Sell Your Home Faster. Going solar has many advantages, aside from that your energy usage will drop dramatically, more than 85%.

When I was house hunting for my first home, it took me about 6 months to find the correct one. Still, in 6 months we looked about 50 houses or more. Can you imagine how much we learned about upgrades and all that?

Go Solar, Sell Your Home Faster

Easier to sell your home

House Upgrades with the most value, Go Solar, Sell Your Home Faster

Water Filtration System

One of the greatest additions to a house could be the water filtration, I’m not talking about a simple water filter in the kitchen’s faucet. I’m talking about a full water filtration for the whole house, I was impressed with those systems. Of course, the house value was greater with a water system like this.

PV System

Now, to get back to the point Go Solar, Sell Your Home Faster. Solar panels is a great addition to any home. As one of the greatest investments for your home, the home value could increase from 3 to 5 %. This is huge, many of us want the best for what we work for. For most of us, a home innovation is not only for looks but for value too.

Go Solar, Sell Your Home Faster 10 times faster.

In my neighborhood, I have seen similar homes for sale, and the ones that have a PV system installed sells 10 times faster than the one without it. Aside from the energy saving equation, the roof of the house is less likely to get damaged from hail storms, our solar panels can endure a 3-inch hail hit with a terminal velocity of 70 miles an hour.

So, if I tell you that your PV system can be paid with the same money you use for paying the electricity company, so your budget is not impacted, then, you increase your home value by 5%. We have a win-win situation.

Ask us about your free consultation, free evaluation and system design. All homes are different and not everyone would like to be 100% off the energy grid.

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