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We take great pride in our commitment to provide reliable, easy-to-understand electric service plans to our fellow Texans. Clearview Energy currently provides residential services to customers in the Oncor and CenterPoint markets.

We offer a variety of plans and competitive rates, so you can choose the plan that’s right for you! Our plans include fixed rates, month-to-month rates and 100% renewable resource energy plans. See Terms of Service for a full listing of fees, deposit policy and other items.

· Prepaid Plans 

Clearview Energy is pleased to offer prepaid electric plans for Texas. The plans work like a prepaid phone or credit card that allows you to put money into your account, and as you use your electricity, the amount you use is deducted.

Whenever your account balance reaches a certain level, we remind you it’s time to replenish your account by email or text message; you decide how much to add to your account. All you need is a smart meter and an initial prepayment to set up your prepaid plan.

We have flexible payment options including making payments at any participating ACE Cash Express location and MoneyGram, online or over the phone. Payment options online or over the phone include payments, Visa, MasterCard.

Clear & Easy Green Free Energy – A Plan starting at $0.9/kWh.

Try a 100% renewable energy plan that’s offered as a variable, month-to-month rate while having the ultimate in flexibility and control of your electricity purchases. Enjoy no termination fees, deposits or credit checks and Free Energy.

· Postpaid Plans 

We also offer postpaid electric plans for Texans looking for the convenience of a traditional once-a-month electricity payment. We offer variable and fixed rate plans with traditional monthly billing.

***  OUR BEST SELLING PLAN  *** For limited time ONLY

ClearGreen Guarantee 12 – A Plan starting at $0.9/kWh

Great plan and it’s a FIXED RATE, this plan just launched a few weeks ago and we have not received any complaints, we have been pushing it to connect the same day Monday through Friday before 5 PM and it’s going perfect. A lot of customers ask me; why the kWh rate is is higher if I’m closing a longer deal? Well the answer is not easy to explain but long-story-short, the energy prices fluctuate throughout the year, this is a 12 month term, which most likely the energy will go up, specially during the summer, we take the risk and lock you in a great kWh rate and you don’t have to worry if the market raise the energy prices. Remember that if your credit is sufficient, you don’t pay deposit, worst case scenario (bad, ugly or no credit) a $50* deposit will be required, one of the lowest deposit requirements on the market. And that is not all; this $50* deposit is refundable, just pay all your bills on time and by the end of the term we will send you back that deposit. (*exclusive for apartments, for houses and trailer homes will be $150 which could be divided in 2 payments)

ClearGreen Guarantee 6 – A Plan starting at $0.09/kWh.

100% renewable energy plans. Wind is recognized as one of the “greenest” electricity sources.

Short terms to start. As a new company in Texas, we want to be sure that we satisfy all of our customers. Our 6 month term ClearGreen Guarantee 6  Plan lets you have a low, fixed rate for 6 months. Super low kWh with an even lower termination fee, we know you will like it, this is why we keep everything low. Short term, low deposit (in case of credit assessment failure), low rate… very friendly.

UP TO $200 of FREE ENERGY* – ClearGreen Guarantee Cash Back 12-24 Starting at $0.9/kWh. 

This is our latest promotion, get up to $200 back on this plan. You will get:

Up to $200 on bill credits

(24 Month agreements, $100 on month 12 & 24)

Up to $150 on bill credits

(12 Month agreements, $75 on month 6 & 12)

*Limited Time Offer*

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Clearview Energy accept Lite-Up Texas government assistance, find the application Lite-Up Texas Application here.

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