Which is the cheapest electricity company in Texas?

Which is the cheapest electricity company in Texas

Too many options for residential electricity?

Which is the cheapest electricity company in Texas?

To figure Which is the cheapest electricity company in Texas, we will have to go through more than 1,200 scenarios to consider, yiaiks!

Out of 65+ electricity companies in Texas, not an easy answer. However, I will do my best to answer the question which is the cheapest electricity company in Texas?

However, finding the answer to Which is the cheapest electricity company in Texas will not get us a straight answer. This is a hassle, the fact that natural gas prices change every day makes this even more difficult to answer.

Previously, I wrote about home electricity average usage. Energy prices change with the average usage too. With that in mind, we must know how much home electricity we use.

More than 400 home electricity plans to choose from.

Of course, there are marketing games and gimmicks added too. Previously blogged in this page. We noted that “free electricity” is just a marketing strategy to get more customers.

Very few customers in a “free electricity” plan are really taking the advantage. Considering that “free electricity” is just for “off peak” times of the day or week.

Which is the cheapest electricity company in Texas may not be the correct question to answer. In order for us to save on home electricity, let’s see some of the facts.

Home electricity plans are created depending on average energy usage.

Lower energy usage, lower electricity bill

Graph, lower energy usage, save money electricity bill

So, if we can find 65 energy companies in Texas, and each electricity company have an average of 7 different energy plans, that is more than 400 different home electricity plans.

With this in mind and that each plan varies the electricity rate by average usage. 500, 1000 and 2000 kilowatt average usage variations, therefore we have more than 1,200 scenarios to consider.

Vague question still is. Which is the cheapest electricity company in Texas.

I would say that this is a hassle. No fun in browsing through all those 400 + home electricity plans.

Providing that information, I found a simpler way to figure this out. As long as you stick to one easy to understand home electricity plan and save on energy. Not asking ourselves Which is the cheapest electricity company in Texas.

Better question will be; can I control my home electricity? Even more, which home electricity plan is more suitable for me?

To answer the question, and in summary; look at your average usage. As mentioned, different home electricity plan for a 4-bedroom house than for a small one-bedroom apartment.

Control your home electricity is the only way to save on energy. How to do this?

Prepaid electricity is the only way. Here is why.

  • Simple energy plans.
  • See how much home electricity you use every day.
    • Measure your energy saving efforts.
    • If something you did saves electricity, keep doing it.
    • Try different ways to save on energy.
  • Since there is no contract with prepaid electricity, rest assure that you can move to any other electricity company.
  • Same day electricity connection without any extra fees.
  • Government assistance to pay less of your electricity bill can be added to it.

There is a lot more into prepaid electricity than just these points. As a final point, lower your home electricity consumption is the best way to save on your electricity bill.

The other way. Go SOLAR.

Solar panels will freeze your energy rates for the next 20 + years. You will be able to pay the same amount of electricity for the next 20 + years. While without solar panels, electricity rates grows 4% annually.


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