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Cheapest Electricity Company in Texas

Cheapest Electricity Company in Texas Approximately, there are about 65 electricity companies in Texas. Which of these 65 is the Cheapest Electricity Company in Texas? First, let’s define what it is to be cheap. By definition, the word “CHEAP” means this; inexpensive, relatively low in price, costing very little. If we do not know the […]

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Residential Electricity Disconnected

Residential Electricity Disconnected How do you know if it is a blackout or simply been disconnected for missing a payment?   Residential Electricity Disconnected. No one likes to go home after a long day at work and finding out that there is no electricity. Especially if you do not know why your Residential Electricity Disconnected; […]

More Trivia Fun – The Electricity Express Power Blog

Electricity Express Power Blog – What Do You Remember? Here comes the latest round of trivia, this time about the Electricity Express Power Blog.  Every day you’ve been reading it to learn about prepaid electricity and how to save money, etc.  Now it’s time to see what you remember.  Sound easy?  You might think so, but we […]

FLEX-Pay: Electricity Express

FLEX-Pay at Electricity Express takes care of bills and budgets.  These are the two words that make most people sigh, especially with the current economy.  At the top of the list is usually the mortgage, which in Texas averages at $824/month, and then of course the car payment, which isn’t cheap either.  Add on payments […]