Save electricity this Christmas and cooking

Save electricity this Christmas and cooking

Electricity Express has been giving you tips on how to save this Christmas. How to make better use of Christmas lights, change the air filter, correct use of the thermostat, care with your Christmas tree, etc. Now it’s time to save electricity this Christmas and cooking.

Save electricity this Christmas and cooking

Christmas Dinner

Christmas is one of those times of the year when we like to give our best. Cooking, giving gifts, affection, receiving visits, etc. Even so, we must do everything possible to save as much as we can.

Save electricity this Christmas and cooking.

The aroma that comes out of the kitchen when cooking those delicious Christmas dinners is second to none. It puts us in a state of joy and peace, less the one who pays the light. We know that we use a lot more electricity when cooking, especially those that have 100% electric houses.

Tips to save electricity by cooking

Save energy in the refrigerator

  • Keep refrigerator and freezer door closed. Take out what you need and close your refrigerator. In addition to keeping food cold inside the refrigerator, it will help the refrigerator thermostat and the refrigerator’s energy consumption will be lower.
  • Defrost the freezer. If your freezer or refrigerator makes ice, do not let too much ice build up and thaw it before a large amount of ice forms. This will help the freezer motor run for less time.
  • Do not keep hot food. Aside from not being recommended for other reasons, wait until the food cools and then store it. This will also help the refrigerator motor run fewer times.
  • Video how to defrost your freezer: Save electricity this Christmas and cooking

Save energy when using the dishwasher

  • Use the dishwasher with full loads. Although there are cycles of half loads, it is better to wait until it is full.
  • Apply the economic usage mode which will use less water and lower temperature in the drying cycle.

Save electricity when using the oven and burners

  • The size of the burners is very important, if you use a burner larger than the pot or the pan, you will be wasting energy.
  • The glass-ceramic stove. Remember that this type of stove keeps the surface warm even after being turned off, use that heat to finish cooking the dish.
  • When baking, try to leave the oven door closed as much as possible. Remember that changes in temperature affect what is baking. Especially the cakes that may not fluff as they should.
  • When boiling or heating something, try to cover the pot or pan, that will help it take less time to heat or boil.

Use the correct size

Save electricity by changing the lighting in the kitchen

  • Try changing all the lights in your kitchen to LEDs. As we have written many times before, LED spotlights are very efficient and save a lot of electricity.
  • If possible, change the electrical installation. If you are already thinking about a kitchen renovation, ask for the kitchen lights to be installed in sections. This way you will not have to turn on all the lights in the kitchen when you are only using one section of the kitchen.

As always, Electricity Express helps lower your electricity consumption. Save electricity this Christmas and cooking

For more tips on how to save electricity, follow our Power Blog.

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Save electricity this Christmas and cooking

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