Reliant Energy Plans Review of First Month Free Plan

We strive to bring you the best of the energy companies, for that reason, we must go and see what is that the big companies are up to. Reliant Energy Plans Review of First Month Free Plan.

As one of the biggest energy companies in Texas, Reliant has new plans and they feature those plans as the best plans ever. What I don’t see fair to us is that the summer is about to be over and the energy rates are still high.

Reliant Energy Plans Review First Month Free Plan

15.5 Cents pr kWh

What happened with energy rates this 2018 summer?

The whole energy industry got slammed with high demand forecast because of high summer temperatures and a tricky move from the biggest energy generator TXU.

Energy rates vary often, as you see the gasoline prices change every day, it is the same with electricity, energy is energy. Electric companies buy their megawatts to supply their existing and new customers in bulk. The market value for the summer is different than for the winter.

Summer energy rates are higher because high demand of energy.  

Going back to the point, Reliant Energy Plans Review and raise the rates for the summer, however, it looks like they will stay the same. Pushing hard the First Month Free Reliant Energy Plans.

Reliant Energy Plans Review of First Month Free Plan

For the purpose of revealing the truth. We did a true value of this plan. The only way to do this is by looking at the published disclosures on the plan’s EFL (Electric Facts Label). No worries, you don’t have to look for it, it’s the next image.

EFL Reliant Energy First Month Free Plan

Electric Facts Label

Since we all spend different amounts of energy at home, I did this example as simple as possible. Medium size apartment or small house, using conservatively 800 kWh.

Reliant Energy Plans Review

To begin with, there is a $9.95 fee for those who use less than 800 kWh in a cycle. As the EFL says, for 800 kWh usage, we will be paying 14.3 cents.

So, this sums like this: (800 kWh x $0.143) + $9.95) = $124.35. In order to see the true rate, we do this simple formula; amount to pay divided by usage: $124.35 / 800 = 0.1554.

Hence, if you are using 800 kWh or less, you are paying a whopping 15.54 cents per kilowatt hour.

Beautiful is the Reliant Energy Plans advertising, isn’t it?

Free Energy Plans do not work.

We have been saying this for a long time. Not just because we think those free energy plans are gimmicks. It’s because they are! We revealed TXU Free Nights and Solar Days plan and we say it was not a good choice. Check our blog about that plan, click here.

Reliant Energy Plans Review, First Month Free Plan. There are better plans than this. It is my believe that the big electricity companies has high expenses so the prices need to be higher.

Smaller companies use their marketing in a different way.

Payless Power has a great plan at a fix rate at 12 cents.

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