Electricity Goes Off When It Rains

electricity goes off when it rains

electricity goes off when it rains

Why does electricity go off when it rains?

Who can help you when the electricity goes off when it rains.

Sometimes the electricity goes off when it rains. It is just one of those third world problems, but it can also happen in a first-world country. There are a number of reasons, but in the case of third world countries, it is because the electrical system is utterly outdated and in ruins.

On the other hand, due to thunderstorms or heavy winds, there is a high chance of broken wires and short circuits. As a result, the broken wires and short circuits cause tripping in the transformers and the whole feeders. Broken wires also cause a high hazard to human lives due to shock, therefore people need to be careful.

Nevertheless, raining is not that bad for electricity, people use to complain about raining but there are new projects such as the microturbine-based system created by three students from the Technological University of Mexico, focused on how to generate electricity from raining to be used in low-income homes, it has been called the Pluvia system.

In other words, this system uses the stream of rainwater runoff from houses’ rooftop rain gutters to spin a microturbine in a cylindrical housing. Electricity generated by that turbine is used to charge 12-volts batteries, which can, in turn, be used to power LED lamps or other small household applications. This system has already been tested in Mexico City, and it’s giving great results.



What to do when the electricity goes off when it rains?

Call your Electricity Provider and/or the Utility Company who serves your area.

  • Dallas/Fort Worth area: Oncor – 888 313 6862
  • Houston area: CenterPoint – 800 332 7143
  • The Valley area: AEP – 877 373 4858
  • Texas New Mexico Power – 888 866 7456


Sometimes when it rains, electricity can go off briefly, other times for several minutes or longer. If this is your case, you need to report it to your utility, in some cases, electricity utility providers have not upgraded your meter in few years, they may not actually know it is an issue. If companies have not upgraded to an advanced metering infrastructure (the smart meter) they are still relying on customers to let them know when there is a problem, if you go through this, please call the utility that serves your area. If your electricity goes off when it rains, please call your utility company as soon as possible.


What to do in case your electricity goes off when it is raining?


If your electricity goes off when it rains for a long period of time you will have to report the issue or find possible solutions, in Electricity Express we recommend you to do the following:


-Make sure you have paid your last bill.

-Check your brakers.
-Call your electricity provider to verify your account status.
-Call the utility.


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