Payless electricity with these simple ideas

Payless electricity with these simple ideas

5 simple ideas on how to pay less for electricity at home.

We all want to save money, especially in those things we use every day. Home electricity is one of those things is hard to live without. We need electricity to power our cell phones, tablets, computers, keep our food cold and in a lot of cases to warm up it up too. With this said, our necessity of electricity is more than a lot of us think. We will help you with how to payless electricity with these simple ideas.

Payless electricity with these simple ideas

DIY save energy at home

Throughout my years selling home electricity, I dedicated myself to see all ways possible to lower my energy consumption. Notably, as lower energy rate is part of the formula to pay less for the electricity we use at home. However, is not as important as lowering our energy usage.

Here are 5 simple ideas on how to save energy at home

1. Weatherstripping.

An easy task to accomplish. Houses are always moving; doors and windows edges get bigger or smaller. Either way, there will always be a gap. Let’s close this gap with weather strips that you can find in any local hardware store. My favourite hardware store is Home Depot. For doors; there is a rubber strip that is placed at the bottom of the door which closes the gap between the floor and the door and keeps the cold air out. For windows; thinner and usually made from foam, this also closes the gaps when the windows are closed between the latch and the bottom of the window frame.

Weatherstrip for door

Weatherstrip for door

Weatherstrip for door and windows

Weatherstrip for door and windows

2. Heating and your furnace.

Did you know that every degree on your thermostat may cost you $10 per month? Nevertheless, if your heater is electric or gas, you will save a lot of money with this idea. Our furnace plays an important role, especially in the winter. For every degree you move up your thermostat, it will cost you $10. With that said, in wintertime, keep your thermostat at 67 – 68 °F. Afterwards, in the summertime, you can set the thermostat at 72-73 °F.

3. Programmable thermostat

Save Electricity Help Your Furnace

Programable Thermostat

Nest and other new thermostats are a great way to tell your heating or cooling system when you need warm or cold air. Get an accurate thermostat, remember that each degree can cost you $10 per month. Keep the house warm or cold when it’s really needed, not when it’s empty. However, for a lot of folks, this means that they need to turn off the weather unit. On the contrary, turning the unit or thermostat off will make things worse. If the thermostat is off, the house will get too cold or too hot that it will take time to get it at the desired temperature and that will cost you more than you may think.

4. Basement heater

Since a lot of houses has basements, and have the furnace, water heater and laundry station there, those appliances generate heat, the heat moves up in the air. Leave your basement door open to get some heat up in the house. This will help the thermostat not to trigger the furnace unit.

5. Water heater

Water Heater Settings

Set it at warm

As we have explained in many articles before. Indeed, the water heater consumes a lot of energy at home. There is no need to have the water heater in HOT position, warm is enough to have the water at around 110 °F. Also, remember to save water, especially hot water, use hot water only if it’s needed. There is no need to wash our hands and colour clothes with hot water. Not to mention that when you open the hot water faucet, it takes some time to get it hot, wasting time, water and energy. This may save you about $25 per month.

Electricity Express is more than an energy broker, we want to help you and your family save money on your electricity bill. In the same way, we would like to have a healthier planet. Our energy resources are still generating a lot of pollution. However, there is little we can do about that, either we generate our own power by going solar, or we use as less energy as we can. Payless electricity with these simple ideas.




Bonus Tip save electricity with these simple ideas. Go Solar

If you really want to lower your electricity spent, I strongly suggest that you go solar. It is an investment that will get your money back in no time. Either way, you will be spending the money on your electricity company. When your solar system is operating, your electricity bill will reduce to almost $0. The reason why is not $0 is that there is an interconnection fee from the utility grid. The fact that your solar system will produce more than what you need during the day and less during the night, we need to be connected to the utility grid.

That is to say, your bill with the solar system financing company will be very similar to the bill you used to pay for your home electricity. Inflation. Electricity prices will always go up, as inflation does. However, your solar system payments will be frozen. With that said, you will be paying the same amount of money every month as for your energy needs. No more crazy-high electricity bills during the winter or the summer months.
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