(Español) Luz Residencial, Tips de cómo ahorrar agua.

Residential Energy. How to pay less electricity.

Residential Energy. How to pay less electricity.

Residential Electricity, Tips on how to save water.

Saving Water will save you a lot on your energy bill.

How to save water.


As we already know, water is a fundamental resource for our daily lives, so it is important that we become aware of our daily use of this vital liquid. In other countries of the world there are water shortages, unlike in countries like America, water abounds and this make us not appreciate this resource. In this blog I want to give you tips on how to save water not only because it is a resource to survive but also to save on your water and Electricity bill. Because even if the water abounds yet we have to pay the County for our consumption.

  • Save Water Personal Use.

Close the keys whenever you do not use them, just as we turn off the light when we do not use them, the water faucets must be kept closed while you lather your hair, brush your teeth or shave. Although it seems only for a short time to close them, this can help a lot in the long run. Taking long showers is also misusing the water, taking 5-minute showers saves you 3,500 liters of water a month. How much could we save water per year?

  • We can also save water in the kitchen.

Using the Dishwasher not only consumes water but also electricity. If you really need to use it try to fill it so you do not avoid double spending. Be sure not to defrost your meats under running water, try to remove it one day before the refrigerator.

  • Water your plants at night.

It is recommended to always water at sunrise or sunset due to the day temperatures are higher and much water evaporates.  If you wash your car at home try using it with buckets filled with water and not with the hose.

These are a few ideas that we can put into practice without changing our customs a lot, saving water, it helps us to light up too. These ideas are passed on to our customers and our readers even without being customers of Electricity Express. Many call us to thank us and give us examples of how much money they have saved by following these recommendations.

Not only is it saving money by paying less electricity or water, it is also aware that these resources are not 100% renewable and that at some point they will make us more and more lacking.


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