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Lower Your Electricity Expense Today

Our electricity bill is one of those things that we just cannot get away from it. We depend so much on electricity at home that it would be hard to live without it. Nowadays (2020) we use more electricity than ever before. More people working from home, students attending class from home, etc.

Aside from all this, this 2020 summer is expected to be so hot that could be setting new high temperatures record. We use our A/C to cool down. As we have posted several blogs about how to save energy with better use of our A/C.

Still, with all this extra expense, we would like to keep our electricity usage under control. Yes, I understand that we need more electricity than before but, we need to consider that, for a lot of us, our income is not the same. As I have quoted several times before, having a low energy rate will save you hundreds, lower your energy usage and you will be saving thousands.

Cheap electricity bills controlling your energy usage.

As I mentioned above, lower your energy usage to save thousands. But, how to know if our energy-saving efforts are working? How do I notice if changing the lightbulbs worth the investment? How to know if doing laundry at night is better than any other time of the day? Well, let me tell you that if you are in a traditional electricity service billing, this is not going to be easy to figure it out.

Cheaper electricity with prepaid electricity

See how much electricity you are spending every day with prepaid electricity services. That is right, with prepaid electricity services you will get daily notifications of how much energy you are using and how much that usage cost you.

So, if you can know how much energy you are using, you can make modifications in your daily chores and see if those changes are helping you to save energy.

Trust me, I went from a $120 monthly spend of electricity to a $60. I paid close attention to my usage and modified many ways I use my appliances. Then you just need to get used to saving energy every day. Lower Your Electricity Expense Today


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